Monster Hunter Rise lets you ride a Wyvern in today's free demo

A limited-time demo for Monster Hunter Rise will tide fans over until its March 26 launch, alongside new details of your quarry.

Monster Hunter Rise will have a demo on Nintendo Switch for you to check out the new Wyvern-riding gameplay of Capcom's latest co-op hunting adventure.

The demo should be in the Nintendo eShop later today, and will let you play the game a limited number of times before February 1. There are four quest types available: a Beginner Quest, an Intermediate Quest, a Basic Training Quest, and a Wyvern Riding Training Quest, which will help you get used to the new Wyvern Riding feature. 

All 14 weapon types are playable but you are limited to 30 runs of the quest, but you can play the Beginner and Intermediate ones in local or online co-op as well as singleplayer.

The Beginner Quest pits you against a Great Izuchi, and the Intermediate Quest throws a Mizutsune, one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise revealed today.

Other new monsters revealed in today's Monster Hunter Rise Direct include the Khezu, a Flying Wyvern with a long, twisty neck that attacks with electricity, and Goss Harag, a big lad with an icy sword arm.

Monster Hunter Rise will release on Nintendo Switch on March 26, with new features including Palamutes to ride into battle and the Wirebug grappling hook tool to help you traverse levels more easily.


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