All weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise

Learn the tools of the trade with our list of all weapon class types in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise introduces several new tricks to the series, but for all your silkbugs and wyvern-riding tricks, a good old stabber or basher will be needed to finish the hunt. To help you get an idea of how you’ll take on the mighty beasts you’ll face, we’ve listed all the weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise below. Have a scan of each weapon class description below to determing which could be your favorite when you jump into Monster Hunter Rise.

All weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise

All weapon types monster hunter rise
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There are a total of 14 different weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise, all of which you can see in the list below. Most focus on up close combat, but a few like the bowguns and gunlance are intended to take down creatures from afar. Partnering up with other hunters using complimentary weapons is essential when taking on the toughest creatures roaming the world.

Great Sword: A massive sword which swings in a wide arc. Can guard and charge up attacks.

Long Sword: A long, sleek blade which charges your spirit Gauge as you attack. Can unleash Spirit Blade attacks, technical dodge, and counterattack.

Sword & Shield: A short blade that can be used up close, with a shield to resist incoming stricks and bludgeon enemies as well.

Dual Blades: Twin swords capable of dishing out rapid attacks. Can enable Demon Mode to spiral around foes at the cost of stamina.

Hammer: A huge, blunt weapons which excels at stunning monsters when striking the head. Includes several charge attacks.

Hunting Horn: A large blunt weapon which buffs your party through melodies and collecting notes.

All weapon types in monster hunter rise
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Lance: A defensive weapon which comes with a hefty shield and excels at counterattacks. Can withstand strong strikes and continue moving.

Gunlance: A lance which includes a cannon attachment. Capable of bombarding foes from afar.

Switch Axe: A unique weapon capable of switching between powerful axe strikes or a swifter sword mode.

Charge Blade: A sword and shield combo which can be powered up to combine into a powerful axe for deadly attacks.

Insect Glaive: Unleashes Kinsects on your prey, absorbing their essence to power you up. Excellent at striking from the air.

All weapons in Monster Hunter Rise
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Light Bowgun: Designed for long-range combat, this bow is flexible and can fire quickly or apply status ailments based on ammo type.

Heavy Bowgun: A large ranged weapon capable of dealing heavy strikes through its Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe ammunition.

Bow: A long-range weapon class with high mobility. Allows coating to inflict status effects. Can be used to deal high damage or provide cover for allies.

Those are all 14 weapon types or classes in Monster Hunter Rise that we know of so far! We’ll do out best to update this list with any others if they arrive in the full game. Each has its own use when battling monsters alone or in a party, so practice with them all to find the one which suits you best!

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