5 Among Us custom games to spice up your backstab parties

These custom games and mods for Among Us will add entertaining new rules to your space-based betrayals.

Like adding a new twist of fruit to your favorite cocktail, the right custom game mode or mod can breathe life into something you’ve enjoyed dozens of times already. While backstabbing your friends isn’t likely to ever get old, Among Us’ ruleset is ripe for playing around with and the game’s community has already concocted a variety of entertaining alternate games to enjoy. We’ve scanned the web and collected the rules to the five best Among Us custom games below.

The best Among Us custom games and mods

the best among us custom games and mods
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Before we dive into the Among Us custom modes below, it’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to play these with friends, not random players online. It’s important that everyone playing agrees to follow the rules and, in some cases, downloads the mods required as well. With that out of the way, check the concepts for each Among Us custom game below to see which you like the sound of, then set up the rules in your own games to give them a try! Credit to Reddit user TTwicee for sharing the rules to The Gauntlet and Camera Duty.

Hide and Seek

Ideal for: Any number of players

How does it work?

Hide and Seek sees one Imposter with reduced vision hunting down defenceless crewmates as quickly as they can. There’s no fighting back here, it’s simply a case of running, hiding, and hoping you can manage your tasks in time. Crewmates can see the imposter coming and inform each other of their location, but they’ve got no way to fight back beyond sprinting like crazy. Here are the basic rules and game settings:


  • Players may talk during the game.
  • The Imposter should announce themself at the start of the round.
  • The Imposter starts stationary and begins by counting down from 10 seconds (longer if they like a challenge). Crewmates should run during this time. When the timer runs out, the imposter can begin hunting.
  • Imposters aren’t allowed to sabotage.
  • Crewmates cannot report bodies or call meetings.
  • Crewmates must complete their tasks without being killed to win.

Game Settings:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Crewmate vision: 2x - 5x (depending on the difficulty they want)
  • Imposter vision: 0.25x
  • Kill cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Kill distance: Short
  • Common tasks: 2
  • Tasks: 4 short

Those are the basic rules for the Hide and Seek Among Us custom game mode. If the Crewmates are finding things too easy, bump up the number of tasks or reduce their vision range. If the Imposter is doing too well, reduce the task number or increase the kill cooldown. You can also play a non-task variant in which Crewmates simply have to hide from the imposter, with the last surviving player declared as the winner.

Murder, She Wrote

Ideal for: 8 - 10 players

How does it work?

Inspired by the beloved TV show starring Angela Lansbury, Murder, She Wrote is a slower-paced game mode which turns each body report into an investigative-style interrogation. When a body gets reported or an emergency meeting is called, only the player who called the meeting can answer questions from the rest of the players. 

This turns the meetings into an interrogation, with other players attempting to find out what happened. Anyone can ask them a question, so long as it doesn’t explicitly incriminate someone else (e.g. no asking “did Orange do the murder?”). Bear in mind that the one answering could be lying to cover their own tracks! Check their answers carefully and only vote when sure. Here are the details you need to know:


  • The game is played as normal until a body is reported or a meeting is called.
  • During reports or emergency meetings, the player who called the meeting is under interrogation. The other players can ask questions about the report. Only the player who called the meeting may respond.
  • You may not ask questions which directly implicate another player, but you can choose to follow who the interrogated player votes for.
  • Crewmates must complete their tasks or eject the Imposter to win.
  • Adding a touch of drama and roleplay to your answers is encouraged, but not necessary.

Game settings:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Emergency meetings: 1
  • Crewmate vision: 1x
  • Imposter vision: 1x
  • Kill Cooldown: 30s
  • Kill distance: Short
  • Visual tasks: On
  • Common tasks: 2
  • Long tasks: 2
  • Short tasks: 4

Murder, She Wrote can favor the Imposter quite heavily, so feel free to play around with the number of tasks and the kill cooldown depending on the direction your matches swing.

The best among us custom game modes rules
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Ideal for: 8 - 10 players, with two imposters

The first proper mod on this list, the Vigilante/Sheriff custom game mode adds a brand new role to Among Us. Hidden among the Crewmates is a player designated as the Sheriff, capable of killing at any time. If the Sheriff kills an imposter, the game continues. However, if the Sheriff attempts to kill a Crewmate, they’ll accidentally kill themself instead. This mod gives crewmates a chance to fight back, but the Sheriff needs to be careful or they’ll end up helping the Imposters or even looking like an Imposter themself.

To play the Vigilante/Sheriff mod, you’ll need to have everyone involved download and install the mod. Thankfully, we’ve already put together a concrete guide on how to do so, which you can read by clicking here. Once that’s sorted, you can set up a custom game and follow the rules/settings below.


  • Everyone must have the mod installed.
  • The game plays exactly like classic Among Us, but Imposters will need to watch out for (and ideally eliminate) the Sheriff.
  • The Sheriff can identify themself but doing so will likely make them a target.

Game settings:

  • Imposters: 1 - 2 (works best with two imposters and lots of players)
  • Use whatever your preferred game settings are for classic Among Us!

The Gauntlet

Ideal for: 5 - 8 players

How does it work?

Is Among Us’ standard fare no longer setting your heart racing? The Gauntlet is the mode for you. This tense variant sees Crewmates race one by one against an imposter to complete all their tasks without being killed. It’s a treadmill of challenge, giving you a chance to cheer on your teammates while nervously awaiting your own go. The Gauntlet works best when the running player is able to stream their game to the group via a service like Discord. If not, you’ll just have to rely on their squeals of fear to let you know how they’re doing. Here are the rules and settings:


  • Players may talk during the game.
  • All players wait in the spawn area at the start of the game.
  • The Imposter announces themself, then chooses a player to make the run first.
  • The Crewmate gets a head start of 15 seconds before the Imposter is unleashed to chase them. 
  • If the Crewmate successfully completes their tasks before being killed, the imposter loses and is ejected.
  • If the Imposter kills the Crewmate, they return to the spawn zone and choose another Crewmate to face The Gauntlet.

Game settings:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Emergency meetings: 1
  • Crewmate vision: 1x
  • Imposter vision: 0.75x
  • Kill Cooldown: 30s
  • Kill distance: Short
  • Common tasks: 0
  • Long tasks: 0
  • Short tasks: 3 - 4

If the Imposter is performing too well in your games of The Gauntlet, try reducing their vision radius. If the Crewmates are surviving too often, you can increase the number of tasks they need to complete. As the imposter, it pays to know the maps well so that you can check common task spots.

Among Us Best custom games and modes
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Camera Duty

Ideal for: 5+ players

How does it work?

Set on the Skeld or Polus maps, Camera duty puts all the power in one player’s hands. Unfortunately, they don’t have much in the way of vision. Sitting on the cameras, one player needs to watch the others’ actions carefully in an attempt to identify the Imposter. As soon as they think they know who it is, they declare a meeting and everyone has to follow their lead when it comes to voting. If they’re wrong, they’re booted off the cameras and someone else needs to take the role. Here are the rules and settings:


  • Randomly pick one player to take up the camera duty.
  • The camera player cannot leave the cameras room, and no other players may enter the cameras room.
  • The Imposter may not kill the player on camera duty
  • The remaining Crewmates play Among Us as normal, and pray to god that the player on camera duty can help them survive.
  • At any time, the player on camera duty can declare “Stop!” and all players must stop moving and wait for them to call an emergency meeting.
  • During the meeting, the camera duty player declares who they think is the Imposter and all players must vote them off the ship.
  • If the Imposter isn’t picked, the camera duty player picks someone else to take up camera duty and the game continues.
  • Only the player on camera duty may talk about the game.

Game settings:

  • Imposters: 1
  • Use your standard Among Us rules for the remaining players.

If you prefer to pile all the pressure on one person, you can choose to have the same player return to camera duty and keep playing until they correctly guess the imposter or everyone else is killed. This adds a lot of tension, as some of the other players may have figured it out, but won’t be able to say a word during the meetings.

CrewLink proximity chat

Ideal for: Any number of players

And finally, we've included the excellent excellent proximity voice chat mod created by ottomated as an added bonus. It's not a proper game mode but it makes many of the ones we listed above even better.

Installing this modwill allow you to hear players based on their proximity to you on each level, meaning everyone is free to chat as much as they want, and that includes the killer creepily alerting someone right before they strike them from behind.

Here's how to install the CrewLink proximity chat mod for Among Us:

  • Visit the Github page for the Crewlink mod
  • Download the top Setup file from the Assets list (it should be named something like CrewLink-Setup-2.0.1.exe)
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Ensure Among Us is fully up to date (without running in beta)
  • Launch CrewLink, then use it to run Among Us

If you're unsure, here's a guide from the mod's creator:

Once installed you'll also find a few extra options in your Among Us menus, including whether you can hear Imposters in vents, or if Imposters can hear ghosts. Make sure all of your friends are using CrewLink as well and they should appear in your CrewLink list when they join your lobby. If they've got CrewLink up and running, you'll be able to hear them when playing in game.

And that completes our list of five great Among Us custom games to spice up your space-based backstabbing and betrayal. Try them out with your friends and let us know which is your favorite in the comments section below.

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