Unrailed PC controls for keyboard and controller

Learn all the keyboard controls for Unrailed, or plug in a controller for simpler inputs.

Unrailed tries to keep things simple by automating most actions when you’re standing in the right place. That doesn’t mean it’s entirely free of controls, however. To master each level, you’ll need to make sure you know how to get about quickly, grab the things you need, and communicate with other players or the AI. Check our the table below to find the Unrailed PC keyboard controls and controller buttons so you’re never left wondering how to place a ping or grab a bucket of water.

Unrailed PC controls for keyboard and controller

unrailed keyboard controls
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Controller (Xbox)



Left analog stick







Place Ping

Q (then space to confirm)

R3 (click in right analog stick)

Emoji Wheel A

Hold Ctrl or E

Left Trigger

Emoji Wheel B

Hold Ctrl/E and press Space

Right Trigger

Emoji Wheel C

Hold Ctrl/E and press Space twice

Hold Right Trigger and use Right Analog Stick

Emoji Shortcuts

Numbers 1 - 8

Function Keys F1 - F8 


Beyond the inputs listed above, you can perform most actions in Unrailed by standing in the right place while holding a tool. Holding a bucket near a river will fill it with water, while holding an axe near a tree will chop it down for wood. 

If you’re not playing with friends over a chat program like Discord, it’s also worth trying to remember the Emoji shortcuts so that you can quickly communicate. While you can access most through the Emoji wheels, you can also find shortcuts using the number/numpad keys (1 - 8) and function keys (F1 - F8)on PC, or the D-Pad on controller. 

The emojis are also essential for anyone playing solo, as they’ll let you command the AI bot to perform actions like harvesting wood and iron, or to place tracks on a set path using the ping system.

unrailed keyboard controls multiplayer
© SkipperTheBoss, Unrailed Wiki

It’s also possible to play Unrailed with two players using the same keyboard at once. If you’d like to use this input, check the handy keyboard controls above produced by SkipperTheBoss and shared on the Unrailed wiki.

Those are the full keyboard controls and controller buttons for Unrailed when playing on PC. You’ll need to act fast to keep your train rolling, so don’t get caught out floundering for the correct button or input! Check back on this page if you ever need to remind yourself of any Unrailed controls.

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