All Dubai safe codes in Hitman 3

Get unlimited access with our list of Dubai safe codes and keypad codes for Hitman 3.

Hitman’s On Top Of The World missions sends the series to new heights. Don’t let the flashy Dubai skyscraper setting distract you, however, as there’s still plenty of sneaking to be done. You’ll find several safe codes throughout the Dubai level just begging for Agent 47 to steal their secrets. You’ll always be able to find the answers within the levels, but if you’re looking to speed through the stage, we’ve gathered all the Dubai safe codes in Hitman 3 below and thrown in the one keypad code you might need as well.

All Dubai safe codes in Hitman 3

All dubai safe codes in Hitman 3
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There are two safes on the Dubai level in Hitman 3, one in the Security Room and the other in the Penthouse. There are also a couple of locked staff doors with keypad codes you can find as well.

Security Room safe code

The security room code is 6927. You can find the code on a sticky note stuck to a board extremely nearby. Lax security, certainly, but handy for us Agents. Inside the safe is an evacuation keycard required for several different mission paths or unusual assassinations.

Penthouse safe code

The penthouse safe code is 7465. You’ll have to put in some work to reach the penthouse suite at the top of the skyscraper, but once you do make it there, you’ll be able to open up the safe to retrieve a tablet with some extra intel. Not the most exciting reward, but you’ve done it now, haven’t you?

Staff door codes

The staff door code is 4706. There are several staff doors dotted around the level, all of which use the same code (found on the board in the staff room). Disguise yourself correctly, act natural, and everything should be fine.

Those are all the dubai safe codes in Hitman 3. Once you’ve wrapped up that location, you can move on to Dartmoor for more secret codes and hard to reach places. Click here to visit our Hitman 3 hub page to discover more tips and tricks for the game.

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