Roller Champions closed beta: How to sign up and join

The Europe-only Roller Champions closed beta starts February 17.

The derby is about to hit the ring once more. Roller Champions, Ubisoft’s online competitive sport skater is about to open it’s next closed beta, letting European-based gamers try out the game ahead of its release. If you want to join the Roller Champions closed beta, you’ll need to register in advance.

How to join the Roller Champions closed beta

Roller champions closed beta sign up join
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To sign up for the Roller Champions closed beta, you must first register your account on the closed beta registration page. You’ll need a Ubisoft/UPlay account to mark your interest, but even if you don’t have one, signing up won’t take long at all. 

On the registration page, select the platform you’re interested in from PC, PS4, and Xbox One, then enter your details. If you’re lucky enough to be selected, you’ll be sent a link confirming that you’ve been granted access to the Roller Champions closed beta. If you’e worried you might have missed your confirmation email, you can also select the Check Your Status option on the registration page.

The beta is planned to run from February 17 to March 2, and any Ubisoft+ subscribers on PC will get automatic access without needing to register.

Want to know if your country is eligible for the Roller Champions closed beta? Here’s the full list of locations: Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway.

Roller Champions sees teams of up to three compete in a roller derby competition, attempting to carry a ball in loops around a track before throwing it through a ring to score points.

The Roller Champions closed beta will include more content than the last test, including ranked game modes and a free-practice arena called Skatepark. Anyone who takes part will also be granted the Fresco skin, the Assistant title, and the Live Tester outfit when the full game releases.

To recap, the Roller Champions closed beta will take place February 17 to March 2. Roller Champions is due to release early 2021. If you want to get some practice in when the beta launches, check out our previous tips and tricks for the game.

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