A list of things the tall Resident Evil Village vampire lady is taller than

Capcom developers confirmed Lady Dimitrescu is tall. Very tall. Like, taller than these things.

One of the biggest reveals of Resident Evil Village (sorry, VIllage) so far is that it has an enormous vampire lady in it. Capcom has now let us know just how enormous she is.

Upon Lady Dimitrescu's appearance in the RE8 trailer, the internet was ablaze with mixed feelings of horror and, well, something quite the opposite of horror. Capcom's development team couldn't help but take notice of the fan reception for their latest Mr. X/Nemesis/Jack Baker-type foil for poor Ethan to hide/pretend to run away from.

Of course, art director Tomonori Takano would like to let us all know that Lady Dimitrescu (while wearing her signature wide-brim hat and heels of unspecified lift) is 9 foot 6 inches tall, which is approximately 2.9m. The big vampire lady. She tall.

Lady Dimitrescu is, in fact, taller than a lot of other things that are already tall – such is the way in which dimensions like height function. Here is a list of things Lady Dimitrescu is either taller than, or the same height as, when wearing her hat and heels:

  • Master Chief (John-117 is 7'2" or 2.2m with his Mjolnir armor on. Lady Dimitrescu would be much larger with Mjolnir armor on.)
  • Shaq (2.2m tall, without Mjolnir armor on.)
  • The alien from Alien: Isolation (the creature is roughly 3m tall, though no-one has been able to make it stand up straight to find out for sure.)
  • Danny DeVito (1.5m tall, so Lady Dimitrescu is roughly two Danny DeVitos on top of each other in a white dress.)
  • A standard refrigerator with ice box (most are around 1.8m tall, meaning she is one and two thirds of a refrigerator.)
  • A 2015 Ford Transit van (2.8m with the highest roof configuration)
  • A West and Central African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis is between 2.4 and 3m tall, without hat and heels.)
  • You (you are not 2.9m tall, or 9 foot 6 inches.)

We hope you enjoyed this non-exhaustive list of things the very big Resident Evil vampire lady is taller than. It turns out there are a lot more things that she is taller than, but they are quite small and, thus, the comparison is strangely unfulfilling.

You can experience the terror(?) of running away from Lady Dimitrescu (9 foot, 6 inches) in Resident Evil Village, out May 7, or right now in the demo called Maiden, available on PS5. To help you get all the secrets in the Maiden demo check out this guide.


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