Video game Valentine's Day 2021 events to fill your heart with love

The finest places to take your virtual valentine this year.

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We’re not saying we can find you a partner - we’re still working on inventing real-life Eros arrows to help there. But until our crafting efforts bear fruit, you don’t have to be lonely this Valentine’s Day as a host of special gaming events are lined up to get you in the loving mood, whether you’ve got a lover or not. If you're looking to enjoy a caring game with a partner, friends, or even family, here are the biggest 2021 Valentine’s Day video game events to enjoy together in the run up to the day itself.

The biggest video game Valentine’s Day events

the best video game valentines day events
© Epic Games

Just in case you, like us, have lost all sense of time and date over the last year, Valentine’s Day is on February 14. Many video games will be hosting their events on the day itself, but several have also released lovey-dovey details early to help set the mood. We’ll give you the details on each below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Valentine’s items

video game valentines day event animal crossing new horizons
© Nintendo

Shoved in close to Pavé’s festivale event, Valentine’s Day is a smaller date on the Animal Crossing calendar, but there’s still love to be found here.Added to the game ahead of the day itself, Valentine’s-Day-themed items have been added to the Nook Shopping’s Seasonal Items selection. Check the store each day until February 14 and you can grab a different color heart-shaped bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates to adorn your island, send to a friend, or give to that beloved villager on your island – we’re thinking of you, Boots. Previous Animal Crossing games have also added a few special conversations with villagers for the day itself, but we haven’t seen these details confirmed for New Horizons just yet.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Valentine’s event

video game valentines day event animal crossing pocket camp
© Nintendo

Along with new poses, stamps and gifts for Valentine’s Day, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will offer players the chance to give a best-friend bouquet to the animal they love the most. There’s only one bouquet to hand out, so choose carefully! Depending on the type of Villager you gift your bouquet to, you’ll receive a different color box of chocolates in return.

Destiny 2's Valentine’s event has been cancelled

Destiny 2 Crimson Days even cancelled
© Bungie

Unfortunately Destiny 2 is looking like that one grumpy friend loudly declaring how Valentine’s Day is all a sham this year. The usual Crimson Days event has been scrapped permanently, with developer Bungie stating that they feel “that it’s been missing the mark in terms of quality over the last few years” in a recent blog post. Still, even without a special event, the Tower is a great place to head to if you want to spend some time with a special one this Valentine’s Day.

Fortnite Valentine’s event

Fortnite valentines day event 2021
© Epic Games

This year's Fortnite Valentine's event is Hearts Wild. Starting from February 8, players have the chance to grab new skins and take part in the Hearts Wild Cup competition. Any Duos taking part in the Hearts Wild Cup on February 9 will have the chance to complete up to 10 matches in three hours, aiming to score as many points as possible. The top-performing teams in each server region will unlock the Lovely Outfit and Heartblast Back Bling for free. On top of that, players can take party in Community Battles between February 10 and 17 to unlock rewards depending on their teams placement. The Welcome Hub in Creative mode will also be getting a makeover to suit the romantic occaision. And finally, if you feel like terrifying your partner, you can even download papercraft guides for your own Fortnite Valentine's Day cosplay.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Valentine’s event

Last year’s Valentine’s Day event brought romance to Hogwarts, and 2021 looks set to follow suit. The Hogwarts Mystery Twitter account has already been teasing a special Valentine’s Day event with a short CGI teaser. Following that were instructions to hunt for a hidden message left by their secret admirer. Track down the location marked in the tweet above and you could collect a surprise.

Pokemon Go Valentine’s event

Pokemon go valentines day 2021 event
© Niantic

Taking place from February 14 - 18, 2021's Valentine's event in Pokemon go bring Munna and Musharna to the game for the first time. Nidoran, Plusle, Minun, Volbeat, Illumise, Luvdisc, and Munna will all appear in the wild more often, and Feebas will also show up as a rare addition. If you take part in the special Research Events during the runtime you'll also be able to encounter Pokemon like Spinda with a rarer heart pattern. You can check out the full list of raid Pokemon and encounters on the Pokemon Go Valentine's day pageThat's not all though! Running until February 15, the Love Cup is a special Go Battle League which allows you to choose pink or red Pokemon with a CP Limit of 1,500. No Legendary or Mythical Pokemon are allowed, which leaves all the more room for Lickitung to steal show as it rightly should.

Pokemon Masters Valentine’s event

Pokemon masters valentines day event
© Nintendo

A special Valentine’s Day – ahem, we mean Palentine’s Day – story has debuted in Pokemon Masters this year. The Baking Buddies event features Serena & Whimsicott as well as Dawn & Alcremie as sync pair scouts in Valentine’s Day outfits. Partner with your favorite trainer to bake up some delicious sweets you can hand out to all those you care about. The event started on January 28 and runs until February 18.

World of Warcraft Valentine’s event

World of Warcraft’s annual Love is in the Air event will run from February 12 - 26 this year. As usual there’s an unsettlingly pink plague spreading over the land that you’ll need to head out and stop. It sounds like players will need to be Level 50 if they want a chance to unlock the Big Love Rocket mount from the Heart-Shaped Box reward. That keeps the chance open for anyone who has yet to pick up Shadowlands but It’s still a rarity, so good luck if you’re trying to earn it!

Those are all the video game Valentine’s Day events we’ve seen so far. We’ll do our best to update the list with any other events as they’re announced, so be sure to check back again before February 14 to see everything you can enjoy with a partner or on your own! We're not judging.

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