Valentine's Day in video game events

Set your heart racing with these Valentine's Day 2023 video game events for Overwatch 2, Pokémon Go, Final Fantasy 14, and more.

Hearts are usually something we’re running out of in video games, but on Valentine’s Day, our favorite titles are practically overflowing with them. Love is most certainly in the digital air. So whether you’re planning to partner up with your loved one or want to treat yourself to a special game night, here are the video game Valentine’s Day events taking place this year.

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Overwatch 2: Loverwatch

overwatch 2 Valentine's Day 2023 loverwatch
© Blizzard

Plenty of players have dreamed about dating their Overwatch faves, and this year developer Blizzard is making some of those fantasies come true. Loverwatch is a romantic visual novel that’ll go live here on February 13. In it, you’ll have the chance to woo either winged medic Mercy or Cyborg ninja Genji. At your aid will be Cupid Hanzo, and if you find the secret ending, you’ll unlock a Loverwatch Play of the Game Highlight in Overwatch 2.

There’s also a limited-time Hanzo 4v4 mode available in the usual game, as well as some Support-themed event challenges. Complete them all and you can unlock two Epic skins. The event runs until February 28.

Apex Legends: Date Night Duos

The 2023 Apex Legends Valentine’s event brings a limited-time Date Night Duos mode. In it, you and your partner will have access to a new version of the Bocek bow called the Heart Stealer. It heals nearby allies whenever you damage enemies, so make sure that aim is on point. You’ll also heal a nearby allies when using healing items, meaning you can double up your recovery items if you stick close to your partner. A selection of pink skins are also included in the store , including new looks for Loba, Bangalore, and Valkyrie. The event ends on Valentine’s Day, so make the most of it while it lasts!

World of Warcraft: Love is in the Air

valentines day world of warcraft love is in the air
© Blizzard

World of Warcraft’s usual Valentine’s Day event returns in 2023, introducing Love Tokens that players can earn to spend on themed items like the Lovebird Hatchling. A new quest sees you taking down Crown Chemical Co. inside Shadowfang Keep. Beat it and you’ll unlock a selection of romantic items. Love is in the Air runs until February 20.

Pokémon Go: Valentine’s Day event

2023 valentine's day events pokemon go
© Niantic

For Valentine’s Day 2023, Pokémon Go is introducing Mega Gardevoir to Mega Raids and brings a special event which rewards gifting. There’s plenty more to get on with until February 14, including Timed Research that’ll let you meet Frillish, 2x Stardust from opening gifts, Avatar items and stickers, and update Wild Encounters and Eggs. Check out the full details on the Pokémon Go website.

Final Fantasy XIV: Valentiones Day

Final fantasy 14 valentine's day event
© Square Enix

FFXIV’s Valentiones Day returns this year with a special quest and seasonal event. Grab the Suited For Affection quest from Lisette de Valentione in Old Gridania and you can unlock a new clothing set, and emote, and a furniture item. You’ll need to be at least level 15 and have completed the quest It’s Probably Pirates if you want to take part. The event ends on February 16.

League of Legends: Heartache, Heartbreak, and Heartthrob skins

video game valentine's day events 2023 league of legends heartthrob
© Riot

Valentine’s Day 2023 in League of Legends is all about heartthrob, heartache, and heartbreak. Three new skins have been added to purchase: Heartache Amumu, Heartthrob Caitlyn, and Heartache Vi. Each has eight chromas, so pick your favorite and share the love in online matches.

Know of any other Valentine’s Day events in gaming? We’d love to hear about them!

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