These papercraft Fortnite masks will help terrify your Valentine

Generate entirely unforgettable Valentine's Day memories with these official print and fold Fortnite designs.

Love and fear go hand in hand, right? Horror-movie date nights have always thought so and Fortnite seems to agree judging by the battle royale’s new papercraft cosplay masks, released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Announced alongside the game’s Valentine’s-themed Hearts Wild event, the papercraft design guides are available to download for free from the Epic Games website here. Three options are available, including the Wild Card, Lovethorn, and Heartbreaker designs. Yeah, we’d probably break up with someone who turned up to a Valentine’s Day date in a horse mask too.

valentines day fortnite papercraft design masks
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The Wild Card printing instructions include four suit options to pick between. The hearts design might seem obvious, but deal yourself the pattern with the best chance of winning some affections this year. As an added bonus, if all goes wrong they’ll make for serviceable bank-robbing masks instead.

Each mask design comes with a guide and expected timeframe to complete, meaning you’ve plenty of time to plan and prepare ahead of the big day. Expect to take around one and a half hours to assemble the Wild Card mask. Lovethorn is a bit more complex, requiring a solid three hours of papercraft. And finally, any horse-loving heartbreakers will need a solid five hours to craft their terrifying headpiece. Should you choose to do so, we honestly wish you the best of luck in having any romantic success this weekend.

In addition to mask designs, the papercraft cosplay page also includes some boxy designs for adorable paper recreations of the Cuddle Team Leader, Cuddle King, and Love Ranger in-game skins. Each will take between 40-60 minutes to complete, and should make for a neat little gift to design for that special someone. Grab the design for your favorite here.

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