Valorant Celestial skins: visuals and pricing

A look at Valorant's flashy new Celestial skin bundle which celebrates the Lunar New Year.

Valorant is about to drop two stunning new skin collections, including the classy Celestial collection. Arriving just behind the Lunar New Year, the Valorant Celestial Skins feature an animated design with a day and night cycle that features clouds, shooting stars and the sun. Below, we’ll show you the Celestial skins visuals and pricing so you know how much it’ll cost to pick them up and which weapons are included.

Valorant Celestial skins: visuals and pricing

valorant celestial skins and pricing
© Riot, Hitscan

The Valorant Celestial skins include five designs, with four guns along with a melee weapon. And yes, phantom fans, you will find one included here. Here’s the list of weapons in the Valorant Celestial skin collection:

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Ares
  • Ox Club/Fan Melee

Below you’ll find a closer look at each of the weapons. The Celestial skins were shown off by Riot to YouTube channel Hitscan. All images come courtesy of their footage and we highly recommend taking a look at the full video embedded underneath to see how the weapons look in action. Seriously, they're truly gorgeous thanks to shifting visuals and a layered background.

Celestial Frenzy

Valorant Celestial Frenzy
© Riot, Hitscan

Celestial Judge

Valorant Celestial skin judge
© Riot, Hitscan

Celestial Phantom

Valorant Celestial phantom skin price
© Riot, Hitscan

Celestial Ares

Valorant Celestial skins Ares price
© Riot, Hitscan

Celestial Melee

Valorant Celestial melee skin ox club fan price
© Riot, Hitscan

Check out the skins in action via Hitscan’s video:

Particularly exciting is the Ox melee club. When upgraded, this melee weapon expands out into a fan with each strike. The Fan includes a unique inspect animation that, unlike most weapons, lasts forever. What better way to celebrate clutching a round than to cool off by fanning yourself afterwards?

Valorant Celestial melee fan
© Riot, Hitscan

The skin set also comes with an adorable ox gun buddy to celebrate the year ahead. Every time you shoot, the buddy transforms to an angry face blowing steam out at your foes. He’s still adorable though. 

Valorant Celestial Skin prices
© Riot, Hitscan

Valorant Celestial skin prices

Here’s how much the Valorant Celestial skin bundle will set you back, as well as the price of each individual skin in the pack:

  • Celestial skin bundle : 7,100 VP
  • Celestial individual skins: 1,775 VP
  • Celestial Ox Club/Fan (Melee): 3,550 VP

That’s everything we’ve got on the Valorant Celestial skins, including visuals and pricing. For more skins, check out our roundup of the two Glitchpop bundles. Train your sights on our hub page for Valorant for all the rest of our coverage.

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