Valorant Glitchpop skins: visuals and pricing

A look at Valorant's new Glitchpop skin bundle, and the massive price of entry.

The next bundle of skins to arrive in Valorant’s store is the Glitchpop pack, which brings neon anime-inspirations to the weapons you wield.

Update February 2021: As of February 2021, two Glitchpop Skin packs are in Valorant. The first arrived in August 2020 and featured Glitchpop versions of The Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin and knight. The second bundle of Glitchpop skins include the Phantom, Vandal, Operator, Classic, and Axe.

Glitchpop skins, visuals, and pricing

The new skin pack arrives today, August 4, as part of Valorant’s Season 2 launch. You might need to mute the voice over in order to watch it, but the official reveal – an advert mocked up as a fake advert – shows several of the skin close up and even gives us a little glimpse of them in action. We’ve captured images of each below for easier, less ear-destroying viewing as well

The Valorant Glitchpop 1.0 skins (August 2020)

As with other bundles, the Glitchpop skins can be upgraded via Radianite Points through seven different levels, adding special inspection, reload and kill animations. Naturally, you’ll need to spend more to get said Radianite points.

Glitchpop Frenzy

Valorant Glitchpop skins frenzy
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Judge

Valorant Glitchpop skins price - Judge
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Bulldog

All new Valorant Glitchpop skins bulldog
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Odin

Valorant Glitchpop skins - Glitchpop odin
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Knife

All Glitchpop skins Valorant - Glitchpop knife
© Riot Games

The Valorant Glitchpop 2 skins (February 2021)

The second wave of Glitchpop skins includes far more popular choices of weaponry, with the Phantom and Vandal appearing in the same bundle. It's priced the same as the first pack, so you're getting excellent value for money. At the time of writing the Glitchpop 2 skins have yet to arrive in the in-game store, though we do already know the pricing. Here's what each skin looks like:

Glitchpop Classic

Valorant Glitchpop skins Classic
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Phantom

Valorant glitchpop skins phantom
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Vandal

Valorant Glitchpop skins vandal
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Operator

Valorant glitchpop skins operator
© Riot Games

Glitchpop Axe

Valorant Glitchpop skins axe
© Riot Games

Valorant Glitchpop skin prices

Here’s how much the Valorant Glitchpop skin bundle will set you back, as well as the price of each individual skin in the pack:

  • Glitchpop 1.0 bundle : 8,700 VP
  • Glitchpop 2.0 bundle : 8,700 VP
  • Glitchpop Individual skins: 2,175 VP
  • Glitchpop Knife (Melee): 4,350 VP
  • Glitchpop Axe (Melee): 4,350 VP

If you purchase the whole bundle, you’ll also get access to a Glitchpop card, gun buddy, and spray. The overall pricing is similar to previous bundles, despite complaints over the exorbitantly high cost (1,000 VP is roughly $10, meaning the bundle costs around $87). Riot doesn’t seem likely to change their model any time soon, no matter how many players are put off by it. 

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And there you have it, the new Glitchpop skins and their prices in Valorant. Has the advert disguised as a fake advert work? Will you be picking them up? Share your thoughts in the comments below. For more Valorant content, click here to visit our game hub page.

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