Valorant GO Volume 1 anime skins: visuals and pricing

Get a sneak peek at Valorant's new anime-inspired skin line: GO Volume 1.

Valorant is about to drop two stunning new skin collections, including the anime-inspired GO Volume 1 skin bundle. Arriving after the Celestial skins bundle, the GO Volume 1 collection features Valorant agents in a manga/anime aesthetic. Below, we’ll show you the Valorant GO skin visuals and pricing so you know how much it’ll cost to pick them up and which weapons are included.

Valorant GO Volume 1 skins: visuals and pricing

Valorant GO volume 1 anime skins visuals and pricing
© Riot, Hitscan

The Valorant GO anime skins include five designs, featuring four guns along with a melee weapon. And yes, phantom fans, you will find one included here, though there's also a guardian to deal with. In addition, five anime-style chibi buddies are included. Here’s the list of weapons in the Valorant GO Volume 1 bundle:

  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Melee

The Valorant GO Volume 1 skin images come courtesy of YouTube channel Hitscan, which was given a demo of the new designs by Riot. Check out the full video embedded above to see how the weapons look in action. The GO Volume 1 collection features a shifting design which ensures the characters are always correctly aligned to the viewpoint of the player, adjusting even during inspect and ADS animations.

Below you’ll find a closer look at each of the Valorant GO Volume 1 anime skins:

GO Volume 1 Ghost

Valorant go anime skins ghost
© Riot, Hitscan

Go Volume 1 Spectre

Valorant anime skins spectre go volume 1
© Riot, Hitscan

Go Volume 1 Guardian

Valorant go anime skins guardian
© Riot, Hitscan

Go Volume 1 Phantom

valorant go anime skins phantom
© Riot, Hitscan

Go Volume 1 Melee

Valorant go anime skins knife
© Riot, Hitscan

In addition to the skins, the Go Volume 1 bundle includes five chibi buddies representing Reyna, Jett, Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy which you can stick on your weapons.

Valorant GO Volume 1 gun buddies
© Riot, Hitscan

Valorant GO Volume 1 skin prices

We haven't had the full price confirmed for the Valorant GO Volume 1 skin bundle, but we do know that, as a premium pack, individual skins will be prices as follows: 

  • GO Volume 1 individual skins: 1,775 VP
  • GO Volume 1 knife kunai (Melee): 3,550 VP

That’s everything we’ve got on the Valorant GO Volume 1 anime skins, including visuals and pricing. For more skins, check out the Celestial designs which go on sale ahead of the GO bundle, or both of the Glitchpop bundles. Train your sights on our hub page for Valorant for all the rest of our coverage.

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