HyperX x Champion collab brings good game to your wardrobe

The GG Collection pairs your sportsmanship with style.

HyperX has partnered once more with clothing brand Champion to deliver a new line of apparel. The GG Collection brings hoodies, T-Shirts, and hats to add a splash of gamer chic to your various vestments. You can even pick up a stylish facemask too, because even staying safe on a trip to collect groceries is an opportunity to show off your taste in fashion.

The theming behind the GG Collection is positivity, celebrating the term “Good Game” shared in the spirit of sportsmanship at the end of online match. Each item features the text “HYPERX.GG” displayed prominently, with letters separated across multiple levels.

“We are excited to announce HyperX’s first apparel release with the introduction of the HyperX GG Collection,” said strategic marketing manager at HyperX, Stephanie Winkler (via BusinessWire). “We wanted to offer HyperX fans an accessible line of clothing and accessories that allow them to express themselves and their passion.”

Hyperx gg collection champion clothing collab
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Here’s everything included in the HyperX x Champion GG Collection:

  • Hat (Stretch Fit)
    • Colors: Black and White
    • Sizes: One Size Fits All
    • Price: $20
  • Hat (Stretch Fit Flat Bill)
    • Colors: Black and White
    • Sizes: One Size Fits All
    • Price: $22
  • Cotton Tee
    • Colors: Black, Grey, Red, and white
    • Sizes: S - 2XL
    • Price: $25
  • PowerBlend Hoodie
    • Colors: Black, Grey, and Red
    • Sizes: S - 2XL
    • Price: $60
  • Face Mask
    • Colors: Black
    • Sizes: One Size Fits All
    • Price: $10

This isn’t the first time that HyperX has partnered with Champion. The two previously teamed up to release the stylish Black/Rose Gold collection of hoodies, crewnecks, and T-Shirts. After tha, the Champion Reflective gear brought a flash of attention to nights in the dark (or those atmospheric at-home gaming caves). Both previous collections sold out rapidly, so you’ll likely need to move fast if you want to secure anything from the GG Collection once it’s available.

The GG Collection HyperX x Champion clothing collab is due to go live on the HyperX store later today, available exclusively in the United States. If you’d like to check out HyperX’s previous collabs, you can find them all here, including mechanical keyboards, headsets, and more.

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