Use this Valheim map generator to discover all your world's secrets

The fan created Valheim map generator can point you towards the trader, all the game's bosses, and more.

The spirit of adventure is alive and bashing you repeatedly over the head with a troll club in Valheim. That is, of course, unless you choose to reveal everything your procedurally generated map is hiding with this new, fan-made Valheim map generator.

Created by Reddit user wd40bomber7 (spotted via PCGamesN), the generator allows players to enter new seeds or those of already created worlds to see the fully unveiled map, including where to find different biomes, all of the game’s bosses, and the potential trader locations. 

Valheim map generator

Valheim map generator
Created by Reddit user wd40bomber7

Access the Valheim map generator here. By tweaking the Valheim map generator settings you can toggle on and off various useful markers such as crypts, troll caves, and even shipwrecks. In addition, the map can be adjusted to clearly highlight different biomes, making it all the easier to find where to track down that precious scrap iron or copper. To use it yourself, simple copy the seed listed on your world selection screen and enter it under the Generate section on the left side of thepage.

Unveiling all of your map’s secrets will certainly remove some of the excitement offered by setting out on an exploratory voyage, but it’s also an extremely useful tool for hunting down the notoriously tough to find trader once you’ve got a network of bases set up.

It’s also a very handy tool for figuring out an ideal seed before starting the game, as you’re free to play around with seeds and codes as much as you want to find one with all the bosses closely aligned or easy access to all the starting resources you might need.

If you do decide to have a play around with the Valheim map generator, be sure to read the notes put together by the creator on Reddit before diving in. If you find an excellent biome, be sure to share it with us in the comments section below! For more Valheim coverage, head over to our hub page where you can find guides or entertaining roundups like the best creations we’ve seen.

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