How to get intel in Evil Genius 2

Learn the best methods to get more intel in Evil Genius 2 so you can unleash advanced global schemes.

In Evil Genius 2, Intel is a vital resource required to fund advanced schemes on the World Map. No one is going to drop this stuff in your lap, however, which means you need to learn how to get intel in Evil Genius 2. There are a couple of ways to increase your intel haul, and we’ll break down the costs and benefits of each in this guide.

Hows to get intel in Evil Genius 2

How to get intel in Evil Genius 2
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The primary methods to get intel in Evil Genius 2 are by interrogating agents/investigators and by constructing advanced Control Room facilities.

Interrogating agents/investigators

Early in the game, interrogation will be your primary method to get intel in Evil Genius 2. So long as you’ve got a holding cell and interrogation chair built, you can capture agents or investigators which try to sneak into your base. Send a minion to interrogate them and you’ll be rewarded with a boost to your intel, but you will kill the target. 

Killing agents and investigators will cause a notable bump to the Heat of the region they were sent from. After all, if your super secret spy disappears while investigating a suspect casino on a remote island, chances are that something untoward is afoot. As such, this becomes a costly method, as it stops you from running schemes to supply money or recruit new minion types.

Advanced Control Room facilities

The next method to get intel in Evil Genius 2 is through the Control Room. Certain bits of equipment such as the Computer Console will slowly generate Intel over time, and all without a penalty attached. However, to access this equipment, you’ll first need to research it using a scientist.

The Control Room is the first option to research under the Global Operations page, but you’ll also unlock the Holographic Map and Computer Array further down the line. While the Control Room method is slow at first, it eventually becomes a far better method of generating Intel, so we recommend setting up three or four Computer Consoles as early as you can in your campaign. 

That’s all there is to know about how to get intel in Evil Genius 2. For more tips and tricks, cast your villainous eye upon our hub page for the game.

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