No Man's Sky enters new seasonal update mode with Expeditions

The latest free update for No Man's Sky enters the first season of new content with Expeditions game mode.

No Man's Sky, the game that never stops giving, is entering a new era of seasonal content updates with the latest patch which also brings a new game mode journey for you to embark on.

The No Man's Sky Expeditions update (update 3.3 in the game's long and storied history) sets up a new game mode that begins a common journey among all players from a fixed point in the vast universe. These Expeditions have their own milestones which earn you rewards and let you meet up with fellow travellers on your shared journey at new Rendezvous Points. You'll be able to build settlements with randos in these dynamic community hubs throughout Expeditions.

Completing milestones earns you mission patches, detailed little accomplishment badges for you to wear proudly on your virtual lapel in an album of your adventure.

Future content will be added in seasonal drops, meaning some expeditions are time limited and will offer you exclusive rewards for completing them before they disappear into the inky blackness of the abyss.

The update also brings dozens of improvements, including support for 4K UI and quality of life fixes for everything from the way you accept and manage missions to crafting and pinning resources for discovery. There are also performance and loading optimizations to make getting around the universe faster and more seamless on new generations of consoles and PC hardware.

You can read more about the hundreds of new and improved bits and pieces in the full No Man's Sky Expeditions update 3.3 patch notes or just jump right in as the update is rolling out to your platform of choice right now.


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