The best Kirby transformations and copy abilities

Celebrating our favorite pink blob's weirdest and most wonderful transformations throughout the years.

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6. Festival (Kirby Star Allies)

Best kirby transformations Festival
© Nintendo

Dressed to impress, Festival Kirby is the life of the party. Featuring a bold, multicolored headdress, he can gather his friends together for a boogie so powerful it transforms all nearby enemies into Point Stars. When is this party-loving guy turning up for our Animal Crossing Festivale celebrations? On second thought, he'd probably eat all our villagers!

5. Joker (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Best Kirby transformations Joker smash ultimate
© Nintendo

Kirby unleashes his ultimate superpower: Gun. The Smash games are overflowing with brilliant and adorable Kirbified versions of our favorite video characters. Few of them, however, can compete with the sheer absurdity of seeing Kirby whip out a pistol to unload several rounds into Donkey Kong. Look what you’ve wrought, Joker. Special recognition is also due to the Bayonetta, King K-Rool, Game & Watch, and Captain Falcon transformations for being cute, hideous, cool, and melodic, respectively.

4. Fire Engine (Kirby’s Epic Yarn)

Best kirby transformations fire engine
© Nintendo

Epic Yarn features a full complement of unique transformations lovable enough to bring a tear to your eye. The train transformation comes close but, for our money, the Fire Engine is the best looker of the lot. Plus, this Kirbmobile variant can shoot water out to douse flaming pillars and creatures. Fire Engine Kirby knows that only you can prevent forest fires.

3. Sleep (Kirby’s Adventure)

The best kirby transformations Sleep
© Nintendo

We’re not entirely convinced that Sleep is actually a transformation. It's well known that the best companion to a large meal is a light nap, and all that eating Kirby gets up to is sure to require some recovery time. Sleep gains bonus points for being almost entirely useless, but adorning Kirby in an adorable little night cap. We can only dream of such blissful rest.

2. Hypernova (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)

Best kirby transformations Hypernova
© Nintendo

We joke about Kirby’s stomach being a black hole, but Hypernova quite literally generates one inside of him. This, truly, is the purest distillation of Kirby. The power Hypernova grants means even the largest enemies and objects standing Kirby’s way can’t withstand tumbling into that gastronomical abyss. A terrifying, world-guzzling upgrade.

1. Ultra Sword (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)

Best kirby transformations ultra sword
© Nintendo

All of Kirby’s Super Abilities are worth a place on this list, but to save room for the less flashy powers, we’ve picked his classic Ultra Sword to represent them all. Appearing in a huge number of titles, the Ultra Sword even forms his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Donning a Link-inspired (but suitably jazzed up) hat, Kirby wields a sword so ludicrously oversized that even Cloud Strife would probably call it overcompensating. Exactly the level of over-the-top flourish we're after from an ultimate attack.

Those were our favorite Kirby transformations, but what about yours? Let us know your picks in the comments below to celebrate Kirby’s birthday in your own style!

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