How to move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap

Access the waterfall route by learning how to move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap's Founja Jungle stage.

Pokemon Snap’s Founja Jungle has several alternate routes, but to get behind the waterfall you’ll need to know how to move Liepard. This pesky (but pretty) cat is sat on a rock blocking your NEO-ONE’s path, and to move it you’ll need to use one of your wily tricks of photography. Below, we’ll explain how to move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap so you can access the route behind the waterfall.

How to move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap - Founja Jungle

How to move liepard pokemon snap waterfall
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To move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap’s Founja Jungle night stage, you’ll first need to have reached Research Level Two. At this stage, Professor Mirror and the assistants will start informing you that there’s another path behind the waterfall. 

In addition, you’ll need to have unlocked the Melody action for your NEO-ONE (play through each new environment taking photos of new Pokemon until Todd adds this to your vehicle – it won’t take long). Melody is activated through the R button.

Once you have the tools and research rank, replay the Founja Jungle night stage and wait until you start to see the Liepard in the distance on your right. This should be as you're travelling over the log with the Ancient Ruins below. Start playing the Melody as soon as you can and the two Pikipeks nearby will fly away, disturbing the Liepard. Keep playing the song if Liepard doesn't move immediately. So long as it was resting and you started the melody early enough, using Melody should move Liepard off the path. 

How to move liepard new pokemon snap founja jungle waterfall
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And finally, once you’ve moved Liepard you can scan the opened space to highlight the new path and go behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap. You’ll find a few new Pokemon on this path, including some sleeping Swamperts (use a Fluffruit to briefly wake them).

Unfortunately you cannot move Liepard in the day version of Founja Jungle in New Pokemon Snap, so save that forward planning for your moonlit expeditions instead!

Now that you know how to move Liepard in New Pokemon Snap, you’re free to explore the secretive waterfall area to see what’s hiding inside. Make sure to check the space again once your Research Level reaches three for the region. For more New Pokemon Snap guides, our hub page for the game has your photographic lessons covered.

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