Where to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact

Learn the easiest way to find Blossom of Wealth locations in Genshin Impact.

If you’re knocking out weekly challenges, you’ll want to know where to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact as quickly as possible. Similar to the Blossoms of Revelation, these flower blossoms grant a reward of Mora, but you’ll need to be a certain Adventure Rank and prepared for a fight if you want to secure them. Below, we’ll explain everything we know about Genshin Impact’s Blossoms of Wealth locations.

Where to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact

Where to find Blossoms of wealth genshin impact
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To find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact, you first need to have reached Adventure Rank 12. At this rank, Ley Line Outcrops will begin appearing on your map for Blossoms of Wealth. Make sure you have saved up at least 20 Original Resin before attempting them.These open-world challenges task you with taking on a collection of enemies to earn a reward of a Blossom of Revelation or Blossom of Wealth. The former grants Character EXP materials, while the latter grants Mora.

Genshin impact blossoms of wealth location
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There are a huge number of spawn locations to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact, but it’s important to note that there are only ever two Ley Line Outcrops in each nation (Mondstadt and Liyue) at a time. One will be for a Blossom of Wealth, and the other for a Blossom of Revelation. You want to look for the golden yellow Ley Line Outcrop (as shown above) in each nation to find Blossoms of Wealth. 

The simplest way to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact is to check your Adventurer’s Handbook. Look for the Ley Line Outcrop - Blossoms of Wealth listing under the Bosses tab. This should show you the current Blossom of Wealth location for the region you’re looking at. Otherwise, the yellow marker will appear on your map when zoomed in and nearby.

Interact with the Ley Line Outcrop it to take on two waves of enemies. The enemies you’ll face depend on the Ley Line Outcrop location. Once beaten, you’ll find a Blossom of Wealth spawns in the Ley Line Outcrop location. You’ll need to spend 20 Original Resin or 1 Condensed Resin to open the Blossom of Wealth in Genshin Impact. So long as you collect the reward, a new Blossom of Wealth location will appear within the nation after a very short delay. If you can’t afford to collect the reward yet, the Blossom of Wealth will stick around until you can open it, or disappear with the daily reset.

That’s all we can teach you about where to find Blossoms of Wealth in Genshin Impact. Scan for those Ley Line Outcrop locations and look for the telltale golden marker to point you towards a Blossom of Wealth location. For more Genshin Impact guides, our hub page will sort your map-scouring needs.

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