All combination codes in Resident Evil Village

Learn all the Resident Evil combination codes for padlocks so you can unlock new weapons and some rare treasures.

There are several locks requiring combination codes in Resident Evil Village, and while finding the codes is rarely too difficult, it can be a pain to miss one and feel like you’re literally locked out from a reward. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide to all combination codes in Resident Evil Village, explaining the code required, how to discover it, and what reward you’ll earn.

All combination codes in Resident Evil Village

All combination codes in resident evil village
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There are three combination codes in Resident Evil Village, and most can be accessed once you've completed the House Beneviento section of the game. Each Resident Evil Village combination code is covered below in the order you’ll come across them while working through the game's story, though it's easy to return to most sections to open them later on if you've missed one. Unlock them all for some valuable weapons and treasures to boost Ethan's chances of survival.

West Town Workshop combination code

All combination codes in Resident Evil village
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Code: 070408

How to find it: Look through the window of the building (but be prepared for a fright!).

Reward: M1911 Pistol

House Beneviento combination code

Code: 052911

How to find it: Examine Ethan’s wedding ring to find the date written on the inside of the band.

Reward: Even more terror inside House Beneviento.

Maestro’s Collection combination code

Resident Evil Village Combination Codes
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Code: 270817

How to find it: Look for the “Happy Birthday” message posted in the house and read the date underneath.

Reward: Steel Hraesvelgr treasure and F2 Rifle High-Capacity Mag.

Resident Evil Village padlock codes
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Those are all the combination codes in Resident Evil Village. The M1911 pistol is a massive upgrade on the dreary LEMI Ethan starts with, and the Maestro’s Collection is a particularly valuable treasure to obtain, making it well worth making the trip to gain them. For more Resident Evil Village guides, wander over to our hub page for the game where you’ll find useful tips like how to unlock the Lone Road chest. We promise we’ve cleared out all the lycans.

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