How to change text color in Valorant

Learn how to change text chat color in Valorant to red, green, yellow, pink, and blue, as well as add symbols to your messages.

Thanks to a recent viral TikTok, Valorant has seen an explosion of hues as players learn how to change text color (just in time for Pride month, eh?). If you’d like to send ominous messages in red or a heartfelt pink plea to your team’s Viper in the hope that they’ll actually use their abilities, we’ve got you covered. Below are all the codes needed to learn how to change text color in Valorant.

How to change text color in Valorant

How to change text color in Valorant
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To change text color in Valorant, you need to wrap any messages you type in simple code which tells the game what color to display based on the type of message. So far five colors have been identified: red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

To change text color, enter the code listed below into the game’s chat, replacing the “Your Text” section with the color you’d like to use. Feel free to copy the codes from this page if you can't remember them easily.

  • Red:  <enemy>Your Text</>
  • Blue: <team>Your Text</>
  • Green: <notification>Your Text</>
  • Yellow: <system>Your Text</>
  • Pink: <warning>Your Text</>
Valorant text chat color
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You can also turn your text green by starting it with and @ (this will remain in the message) and enter a selection of symbols and special characters through Windows’ Alt Codes. For some fun simple versions of these, try Alt + 3, 4, 5, or 6 for card suits hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades: ♥♦♣♠

The method to change text color in Valorant was shared on TikTok by pump1131, and them promptly posted to the Valorant subreddit by u/mizzaxx.


I can’t believe i just learned about this  can’t wait to drop the red GGs after a game  #valorant #twitch #gaming #valorantclip #pump #gamer

Pump - Valentino Khan

While word of the technique is likely to travel quickly through the game’s community, it’s a fun way to surprise your friends or opponents for a brief period, or to simply add a touch of fun to your online trash talk. So now that you know how to change text color in Valorant, you can get back to lining up those headshots. Or in our case, missing them.

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