Lachlan gives a Crash Course on going pro and joining an org

Fortnite legend Lachlan enrolled us in a HyperX Crash Course for the less obvious side of the esports industry.

The HyperX Crash Course school is back in session, and bringing us back to the classroom is two-time teacher Lachlan, this time with even more Fortnite tips and advice on how to get your big break if you want to go pro in esports.

Lachlan's last session at the HyperX Crash Course blackboard had us learning about another lesser known part of the esports success equation: making content on the reg. While it's one thing to be good at Fortnite, you've also gotta be smart about how you go about getting known.

His latest Crash Course is more on the business side of things, making those all important connections to join up your elite gameplay with the people who will pay you to show those skills off to the world.

Whether you want to be competing in world cups or just joining up a content crew, you'll need to know what these bigwigs are on the lookout for before sending in your applications for a sponsorship or a team spot.

As Lachlan has had plenty of experience on both sides of this equation, he's well placed to answer fans' questions, and during his stream he took plenty of time to wax lyrical about the importance of presenting yourself in the right light when it comes to going pro. After all, you've gotta act professional to be professional.

Check out the HyperX Crash Course from Lachlan above, or tune in this week to check out Dota pro Dendi letting you in on how to make the next leap in the esports career ladder, as he explains how he went from pro to team owner. He will also be telling you how to build Puck to dominate mid, as he is still a demon on the dragon fairy.


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