Lachlan gives a Crash Course on stepping your Fortnite skills and content creation game

HyperX's Crash Course streams continue with Lachlan showing us how to build and aim like a pro before showing off your new skills to everyone online.

It’s been a packed couple of weeks for shooting game students. Following on from Emuhleet’s CS: GO spray control classes last week, HyperX’s educational streams returned once more last night to deliver a dose of Fortnite knowledge direct from Lachlan in Australia. A seasoned Fortnite content creator on both YouTube and Twitch, Lachlan spent a couple of hours last night schooling us all on how to improve at both Fortnite and our content creation game.

Having played Fortnite since launch and with 13m subscribers under his belt, Lachlan knows a thing or two about what he’s doing in the arena and behind the editing suite. His HyperX Crash Course took us through some of the best tools you can use to improve your aim, building and general skills in Fortnite. 

Following that, Lachlan jumped directly into a guide to producing Fornite YouTube content, breaking down how you should approach video production and his preferred tools for the job. You can watch the full stream below, but we’ll also link the individual sections underneath so you can get straight to the parts you want. 

Before acting as our professor, Lachlan kicked the night off by partnering up with two lucky HyperX fans and competition winners. The team of three jumped into around an hour of games together in a hunt to earn that oh-so-sought-after W. Along the way they even had time to pull off one or two flashy moves, including a pretty epic beach assault.

Before moving over to content creation tips, Lachlan took fans through the steps needed to practice for competitive Fortnite. Swapping to Creative mode, Lachlan led the fans through the aim duel, editing and 1v1 maps that he uses to keep his skills sharp.

Finally, Lachlan moved on to his content creation tips for up and coming Fortnite YouTubers, inviting BoomerGG — a content creator friend and former Epic Games employee — to weigh in as well. Lachlan took viewers through the software and equipment he uses, how to create thumbnails (using in-game greenscreens!), how to title your videos and more.

HyperX crash course Lachlan fortnite greenscreen
Greenscreens inside Fortnite? Lachlan teaches us how to up our YouTube thumbnail game.
© HyperX

That’s everything from this week’s HyperX Crash Course. Be sure to tune in on Thursday, June 4, when Super Smash Bros. Melee pro and Jigglypuff stalwart HungryBox will be teaching us how to take stocks and keep away from that pesky blast zone. Be sure to check out some of the previous educational streams which included AmberGlowYoga educating us on papercraft and staying limber, as well as Arekkz talking Monster Hunter and muscle mass.

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