Valorant - AP and player card number explained

Learn what AP is, how it affects your Account Level, and how to gain it in Valorant.

The latest Valorant update brings a huge host of new features and UI updates, not least including the new agent KAY/O and the Give Back Bundle. One new feature that’s left many players perplexed, however, is the number above your player card in Valorant. This figure is tied to a new feature called Account Points, or AP. Below, we’ll explain what AP is in Valorant, how it affects the number on your player card, and how to get AP in Valorant.

Valorant player card number - Account Level

Valorant Player Card number account level
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The number shown on your player card in Valorant is your Account Level. By hovering the mouse over the Daily/Weekly challenges in the top left of the main menu, you can view your current Account Level, as shown above. Your Account Level is a numeric value intended to reflect how much you’ve played Valorant and reward you for your time spent in the game. Account Level will increase as you play more of Valorant and earn AP.

What is AP in Valorant?

AP stands for Account Points, a new feature in patch 3.0 and Episode 3 for the game. You’ll earn these by playing games, and they will increase your Account Level as you reach specific tiers. Account Levels in Valorant start at 1 and rise all the way to 399. It takes 5,000 AP to increase your Account Level.

What is AP Valorant account points
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Levels are split into the brackets 0-99, 100-199, 200-299, and 300-399. Each level contains five tiers, as shown in the image above. Everyone who’s previously played Valorant will be awarded AP based on the number of games they have played in the past.

How to get AP in Valorant

The primary way to get AP in Valorant is to play games. You’ll be rewarded based on how long the game is and the results of the match, with Riot offering the following explanation:

  • You earn AP by playing matches.
  • The amount of AP you gain per match is based on the duration and results of the match.
  • You will also be rewarded bonus AP for your first win of the day.
  • AP only goes toward your Account Level, and does not contribute to your Battlepass or Agent Contract XP.
How to get AP in valorant
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You’ll see the AP you’ve gained at the end of each match, which will then be fed into your Account Level which is displayed on your Player Card.

That’s all there is to know about AP in Valorant and the number on your player card. In short: play matches, gain AP, and level up your Account Level. Riot may reward players in future for reaching different Account Levels, but right now all you’re getting is a larger number to flaunt in each match. For more Valorant content, head to our hub page for the competitive shooter.

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