Valheim adds a Maypole recipe to celebrate midsummer

The latest patch adds the chance for heated celebrations.

Looking to burn any friends inside a stitched up bear costume? Oh, right. Not that kind of midsommar. Well if you were looking to celebrate the festival in video game form, the latest Valheim patch has made things much easier with a new Maypole recipe.

Previously, maypoles could only be found within abandoned villages, meaning you’ve had to bring your party to them if you wanted to get your dance on. The June 23 patch for Valheim has now added a craftable maypole recipe as a temporary addition, with the patch notes stating that, “it's midsummer here in Sweden, so we celebrate by temporarily making the Maypole buildable.”

Valheim Maypole recipe

Valheim maypole recipe june 23 update
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To craft a Maypole in Valheim you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 10x Wood
  • 4x Dandelion
  • 4x Thistle

Once created, plonking down a Maypole will offer a tidy 1 Comfort bonus when resting in the vicinity (same radius as a campfire), while also offering a great chance to dance in a circle with your friends. It’s a win-win scenario, really. Given this is a temporary addition, make sure you build those Maypoles in a spot you’re definitely sure on, as destroying one will not respawn it.

In case you’re interested in what else arrived in Valheim’s June 23 update, we’ve got the full 0.155.7 patch notes below. The biggest additions include Greydwarfs working on their aim and monsters being more likely to smash up your houses.

Valheim 0.155.7 patch notes

  • Random save bug-fix (Solves a very unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down)
  • Monster AI tweaks (More aggressively attacking structures when unable to attack the player among other things)
  • Open container fix (Fixes issue where you had to click a container multiple times to open it in multiplayer)
  • Taught Greydwarfs to throw better
  • Event trigger tweaks (Wolf event only triggers after Bonemass has been killed, Moder army can trigger in mountains etc.)
  • Long forgotten Blob event enabled
  • SFX volume setting fix (Used wrong DB conversion)
  • Maypole enabled (Happy midsummer!)
  • AI flee behaviour tweaks (Bosses don’t run from you anymore)

Put simply, watch out for those monsters while you’re busy Maypole crafting in Valheim.

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