Ubisoft to reveal new Tom Clancy shooter today

Brief gameplay footage appears to show a Call of Duty style competitive shooter.

Ubisoft will reveal a new Tom Clancy video game later today

Taking an unconventional approach to game reveals, Ubisoft noted that a new Tom Clancy game would be getting revealed today, July 19, only to then release a short, untitled snippet of gameplay from what appears to be a competitive military shooter.

The new title will fall under the Tom Clancy umbrella, though this appears to be quite different to Splinter Cell, The Division, or Rainbow Six Siege. The short clip which has since bounced around social media shows off a brief bout of gunplay in a fast-moving PvP shooter. It all looks very Call of Duty, down to the realistic visuals, wartorn semi-futuristic city streets, and rapid gunplay. There are even “killstreak” notifications popping up on screen. Check out some footage in the video below:

We do get a glimpse of some character-based powers, however, as the player is seen dropping a glowing barrier which blocks incoming bullets. The character also appears to have access to some kind of ultimate ability highlighted in the UI at the bottom, though they don’t deploy it during the brief footage.

So Call of Duty with a touch of Overwatch powers? It’s certainly not the most inspired design upon first glance, but we’ll need to wait and see more during the official reveal later today. That’s due at 11:15am PT (2:15pm ET / 7:15pm BST). We’ve embedded the reveal video link below for easy viewing when the time arrives:

The video thumbnail, it’s worth noting that the apostrophe in “Tom Clancy’s” is depicted as an X, which could indicate a crossover title. According to VGC, the new game could be titled BattleCat, a previously leaked game that will merge the universes of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Splinter Cell, and The Division into a competitive shooter. If true, it’s only likely to rub further salt in the now festering wounds of Splinter Cell fans. We’ll update you with further details on the new Ubisoft game later today.

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