Pokémon GO's next Community Day offers up Dratini

And lets Dragonite learn a new Draco Meteor move.

The next Pokémon GO Community Day will be on February 24, running for three hours from 11am PST and offers to chance to catch Dratini and earn a unique move for Dragonite.

Community Days in Pokémon GO offer players an extremely limited time each month to encounter and earn a special Pokémon, as well as earn unique moves.

This time, Dratini is the Pokémon up for grabs, becoming available to find in the wild from 11am PST (2pm EST, 7pm GMT), and will hang around for three hours until 2pm.

If you manage to catch a Dratini and evolve it to Dragonite, it’ll have access to a unique new move called Draco Meteor. It’s worth noting that you can only earn this move by catching a Dratini during the event and evolving it.

The event also brings the bonuses of 3x catch stardust and 3-hour lures. So make sure you book the time in your diaries and get ready to earn yourself a new Dragon Pokémon.

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