Latest ONRUSH trailer showcases Codemasters' racing carnage, open beta in May

Full game will feature eight vehicles on June release.

Codemasters have revealed their latest trailer for full-contact racing title ONRUSH, due out June 5 2018, with details of an open beta to begin in May.

The game will feature eight vehicle classes (named Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan and Enforcer) which will range between pickup truck and motorcycle from the gameplay footage below.

Codies were clear in the blog released alongside this news that all footage in the trailer is from races the team themselves have been enjoying during the game's lengthy development.

"In fact, it’s probably worth mentioning that ALL the action in the trailer was taken directly from ONRUSH races," writes social media manager Aaron Rook. "Nothing staged just pure, adrenaline-fuelled action."

There are details on the vehicles' specific abilities, too, including offensive and support roles to allow your team to be the one crossing the finish line first – and in one piece.

Each vehicle will have customization options, including liveries which were designed for the cars in the trailer by artists at UK studio AnyForty. It seems that there may be some way to design your own, in-game, giving you plenty of ways to stand out from the pack.


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