You should enable high frame rate mode in Pokemon Unite

A highly rated suggestion.

Pokemon Unite offers the exciting premise of several of your favorite fighting critters throwing down inside a MOBA arena. Unfortunately, it also runs pretty poorly on the Nintendo Switch. If you’ve downloaded the game and are disappointed with the sluggish speed, the good news is that there’s a built-in fix within the game’s settings: high frame rate mode.

How to enable high frame rate mode in Pokemon Unite

How to enable high frame rate in Pokemon Unite
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To enable high frame rate mode in Pokemon Unite, you need to open the Settings menu from the main screen. Hit the X button while on the main menu, then tap up or scroll down to reach the Settings menu with the cog icon. Select it.

Open System Settings and the first option you’ll be presented with is Frame Rate. While Medium is Recommended, Pokemon Unite is a far, far more enjoyable experience with High Frame Rate enabled. Tap A and then press A to acknowledge the warning again to enable high frame rate mode. This may disable some visual effects in-game, but it’s a small price to pay for a smoother 60fps experience. 

The game running well can make the difference between pulling off an attack in time or not, so higher frame rate is almost always preferable in competitive games. If you’re intending to play a lot of Unite, we’d suggest switching this on as soon as possible.

The settings menu also includes a fully remappable controls list, along with several options for how you’d like to target enemies with auto attacks. We’d also recommend investigating these under the Controls section once you’re familiar with the game’s basics, as they give you a much finer degree of control over your choice of target in the middle of battle. You can also choose to enable or disable voice chat from here if you don’t like hearing people scream at you for using your Unite power at the wrong time.

Playing in high frame rate mode makes Pokemon Unite a far more enjoyable experience, and it might even give you the edge over your opponents. If you’ve yet to download the game, make this your first step when you do.

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