Vaporeon has been named Japan's Water Day ambassador

Japan will celebrate the hottest week of the year by cooling down with Vaporeon.

In Japan, the first week of August has been named Water Week, because the temperatures are normally at their highest during this time of the year. To help raise awareness about water's critical role in our lives, Eevee's aquatic evolution Vaporeon has been named the event's official Support Ambassador. The pokemon will take on this role starting August 1 when Water Day kicks off. 

Water Day and Week are an effort by the Japanese government during these toasty times to help educate the public on water's essential role in day-to-day life, and emphasize its overall importance. Vaporeon is a perfect choice then, as it's a classic water type that many pokemon fans across the globe have fallen in love with over the years. Who better to show how important water is than our finned friend?

Vaporeon isn't the first pokemon to receive such a prestigious position in Japan, and likely won't be the last. Geodude, for example, was made the tourism ambassador for Japan's Iwate prefecture back in 2019. To promote tourism in Kagawa prefecture, our pink pal Slowpoke was chosen in 2020. And Sandshrews of both the regular and Alolan varieties have been hanging out in the Tottori prefecture's Tottori Sand Dunes for Pokemon Go events for a few years now, starting back in 2018. 

Like the other pokemon chosen to represent parts of Japan, the Vaporeon Ambassador announcement was made with a cute YouTube video showing off the Vaporeon mascot costume that will be featured on Water Day. Additionally, there appears to be a custom Vaporeon Water Day flyer/brochure that will be handed out during the actual event, featuring both the pokemon and the woman in the video. Complete with a sash to show off its official status, the Vaporeon mascot will have its big debut on August 1 for Water Day.


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