Genshin Impact Ruin Sentinels locations

Find and farm these new enemy types with our guide

Genshin Impact's 2.0 update is live, and with it comes a whole new region to explore. From new collectibles and missions, to fresh enemy types to farm, the Inazuma region is bursting with new content for players to check out. Those who are looking to find Inazuma's Ruin Sentinels locations in Genshin Impact? No worries - our guide has you covered. 

Genshin Impact Ruin Sentinels locations

Genshin Impact ruin sentinels locations inazuma
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Ruin Sentinels are an enemy type found in Genshin Impact's new Inazuma region. They're exclusive to this region, so if you want to farm them you'll need to head there. 

Each of the three islands in the Inazuma region is home to a few Ruin Sentinels. There are a few hanging out on the smaller islands to the east. The two larger islands to the right of these have Ruin Sentinels towards the center of each. And for the rightmost large island to the north, most of the Ruin Sentinels are hanging around the northern tip of the island along the coastline.

Genshin Impact ruin sentinels locations inazuma 2.1
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Once you're able to access Seirai island to the south, you'll find a huge number of Ruin Sentinel locations towards the very core of the island, as shown above. For more specific details on where to find each Ruin Sentinel in the Inazuma region, check out this interactive map!

Ruin Sentinel types

  • Ruin Cruiser
  • Ruin Destroyer
  • Ruin Defender
  • Ruin Scout

Ruin Sentinel material drops

  • Chaos Gear (lvl. 1+)
  • Chaos Axis (lvl. 40+)
  • Chaos Oculus (lvl. 60+)

Ruin Sentinel artifact drops

  • Travelling Doctor set
  • Beserker set
  • Instructor set
  • The Exile set

That's all we can tell you about Genshin Impact's Ruin Sentinels. For more features and guides, check out our game hub. We've got you covered for powering up Inazuma's Statues of the Seven with Electroculi, along with the new region's various resources like Naku Weeds, Lavender Melons, and Sakura Blooms. Or, if you need help unlocking Domains like the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates or Shakkei Pavilion, we've got you covered there too. 


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