Death's Door breaks 100,000 sales in first week

Players and critics are raven about it.

Acid Nerve’s indie action RPG Death’s Door has attracted over 100k players in its first week since launch.

Reclaiming a soul that’s been stolen from you might seem like an impossible task for a tiny, sword-wielding corvid. But with more than 100,000 players at your back, even the mightiest of mountains can seem surmountable.

Death’s Door released on PC and Xbox Series X/S Monday, July 20, letting players venture into intertwining environments to take on challenging boss battles on the quest to pass through Death’s Door.

The gorgeous art style combined with gameplay that’s Hades with a touch of Zelda and Dark Souls has certainly proved popular, drawing in tens of thousands of players. Acid Nerve celebrated the milestone on Twitter today, thanking fans for supporting the game and its tiny hooded crow protagonist.

The story follows a corvid employee of a soul-harvesting company, tasked with collecting the souls of resentful ancients resistant to ending their natural time in the world. After battling and beating an ancient, the soul is stolen, forcing our corvid character to embark on a quest to recover it from beyond the ominous Death’s Door.

Death’s Door is available now on PC (Steam and the Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X/S for $20.

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