How to save in Death's Door

Learn how to save your progress in Death's Door.

When you’re hoarding a huge stash of souls, it’s important to make sure you keep hold of them when quitting the game. As such, it’s understandable that most players will want to know how to save in Death’s Door. Fortunately, the game handles it in a very clear and obvious way.

How to save in Death’s Door

How to save in Death's Door
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To save in Death’s Door, all you need to do is pass through a doorway portal. These are the gateways you’ll use to enter and exit worlds and return to the hub area. If you haven’t opened a doorway portal yet, it will appear as a glowing keyhole symbol, transforming when approached to pass through.

Each time you reach one of these doors or unlock a shortcut that connects back to one, it’s a smart move to quickly pass through before returning to the level. Basic enemies will respawn when you do so, but you’ll ensure your progress is saved and have a chance to spend any souls you are storing.

Thankfully, these doorways are fairly well spaced and connected throughout each level meaning you can persevere to unlock a path to an existing door, or drop back to save without losing too much time.

Death’s Door also features an auto save system that will retain most of your progress any time you die. You’ll find yourself booted back to the last door, but it won’t take long to catch up to your previous progress, so don’t stress too much about losing to that miniboss. You won’t drop too many souls either, 

hat’s all there is to know about how to save in Death’s Door. The game tries to keep concerns over saving progress out of your focus, so if in doubt, find yourself a doorway and pop through it to save before you stop playing during any given session.

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