All Boyfriend Dungeon weapons

Learn which weapons you can wield and romance in Boyfriend Dungeon.

Wondering how many weapons there are to woo in Boyfriend Dungeon? You won’t be able to date them all, but we’ve rounded up the full list of weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon below so you can figure out which partner (or partners) to pair with as you confront your fears in each dunj.

All Boyfriend Dungeon weapons

all Boyfriend dungeons weapons guide
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The quick list of all Boyfriend Dungeon weapons is just below, but scroll down further and you’ll get a look at each along with a few details.

  • Isaac, the Estoc
  • Sunder, the Talwar
  • Valeria, the Dagger
  • Sawyer, the Glaive
  • Rowan, the Scythe
  • Seven, the Lasersaber
  • Pocket, the Brass Knuckles

It’s worth nothing that you can use and increase your love rank with every weapon, even if you don’t want to date them. Friends are welcome to wield weapons as well in this world. It's also possible to romance multiple weapon characters at the same time. Each love rank obtained will unlock a new ability for that weapon when used in a dunj. Here’s a look at each weapon and character’s appearance:

Isaac - Estoc: The sharpest dresser

As a fencing weapon, Isaac is built around precise, in-line attacks. Their level one power allows you to parry with last-second dodges.

All weapons in boyfriend dungeon isaac
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Sunder - Talwar: Worried he’s becoming an antique

Built for dancing, spinning strikes, Sunder’s Talwar deals bleed damage with finishers for its base rank power.

All weapons Boyfriend dungeon guide
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Valeria - Dagger: Tired of backstabs

Master of escaping a bad situation, Valeria’s base power means dodges out of view leave enemies stunned and confused for a brief moment.

Boyfriend dungeon all weapons list
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Sawyer - Glaive: Awkward in the wrong hands

Boyfriend Dungeon weapons list sawyer
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Rowan - Scythe: Reaping what they sow

Boyfriend dungeon all weapons guide
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Seven - Lasersaber: Hard to get a handle on him

Seven offers a futuristic twist on your poking stabbing. He's a K-Pop star with a weapon that excels at area control and will shock nearby foes at the end of a combo.

Boyfriend dungeon all weapons guide
© Kitfox Games

Pocket - Brass Knuckles: Loves cat naps

Yes, Pocket is a cat. No, you cannot date the cat – it’s a cat.

Boyfriend dungeon all weapons
© Kitfox Games

Now that you’ve seen all the weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon, it’s worth making sure you know how to wield them. Our full controls guide for the game will see you right on all console platforms.

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