Back 4 Blood crossplay details

Find out if Back 4 Blood supports crossplay and cross-progression.

Back 4 Blood is made for partnering up with your pals as you tackle the Ridden hordes. Those signing up will be keen to know if they can partner up with pals across other platforms, using crossplay in Back 4 Blood. There’s good news on that front, though cross-progression isn’t quite so peachy. Here’s what we know about Back 4 Blood crossplay and cross-progression support.

Does Back 4 Blood support crossplay?

Does Back 4 Blood support crossplay?
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Based on the closed and open betas for the game, yes, Back 4 Blood crossplay support allows players on all platforms to partner up and play together. That means if you’re playing on PC, you can still play with your friend who’s on PS5. There’s even in-game voice chat support between platforms. 

So long as you have crossplay enabled in the settings (which it is by default) you’ll also find yourself randomly matched with players on other platforms. So if someone has their mic blaring out at all times and picking up their TV sounds, it’s probably just a PlayStation player who hasn’t realized that voice chat is enabled by default.

Back 4 Blood has its own separate in-game friends list which allows you to add friends from any platform. When opening the friends menu, take a look in the top right of the screen to see your crossplay friend name that others will need to invite you with.

Does Back 4 Blood have cross-progression?

Is back 4 blood cross progression
You can't share decks between accounts in Back 4 Blood. 
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Sadly, no, Back 4 Blood doesn’t have cross-progression. If you’re lucky enough to own a PC and a PS5, for example, you can play Back 4 Blood on both of them. However, you’ll find that you have separate accounts on each platform, meaning you can’t share decks and unlocks between the two. You’ll also need to add friends on both accounts to ensure you can always play together.

That’s all there is to know about Back 4 Blood crossplay support and cross-progression. It’s unlikely much will change between the betas and release, but we’ll do our best to update this guide if we notice anything is different in the full release. Head to our hub page for the game to find more guides like a list of all characters, or an overview of the cards and deck system.

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