Lachlan gives a Crash Course on competitive Fortnite tips and joining a gaming org

Level up your Fortnite and content game by learning from Lachlan.

Lachlan’s already delivered advice on the best Creative Maps to improve at Fortnite, but in his next Crash Course lessons, he’s taking things to a professional level. If you’re aiming to test yourself on the competitive Fortnite scene or want the videos and content you create to get noticed by a gaming organization, Lachlan has the experience to offer the advice that you need in this double whammy of Crash Course schooling.

Crash Course: Competitive Fortnite tips from Lachlan

When it comes to competition, Fortnite isn’t much like the other shooters on the block. You won’t just need a steady hand and precise flick shots. Fortunately, Lachlan knows how to keep you ahead of the competition.

First up, make sure you’re knocking out those in-game challenges to rattle through each season’s levels quickly. That might not directly tie into competitive prowess, but if you want to make a name for yourself through skills, it’s worth having the looks to match as well.

For the start of the game, Lachlan advises you stick close to your teammates to engage in fights. It might sound sensible to spread out for loot, but serious teams will work together, putting you at a numbers disadvantage when you have to take a fight. Communication is key in those early bouts, so let your partners know exactly where your enemies are and how much damage you’ve dealt. On that note, the new Recon Scan items are an invaluable tool. Information lays down the path to success in fights.

Lachlan crash course fortnite tips
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In the middle of a match, map knowledge is key. The better you know the level, the more you can path around busy areas or make use of interactable things like camp fires. Try to start fights on unaware opponents, but stay aware of their weapon choices. The Railgun, for example, is deadly, so you’ll want to set up multiple walls between you and someone wiedling it as you approach. If you’ve got one yourself, partner it with the Recon Scan to take enemies out through unexpected angles.

In the late game, awareness is everything. You need to know where your opponents are to ensure you can outmaneuver them and won’t get taken out by surprise. And it’s on that front that a HyperX headset can make all the difference. A quality gaming headset will let you isolate exactly where those footsteps are located. If playing on PC, you’ll also want to ensure your computer has the right gear to keep the game running smoothly.

Crash Course: Lachlan’s advice for joining a gaming org

As the founder of PWR, Lachlan is less of a step and more of a train journey ahead of most of us when it comes to involvement with gaming organizations. For many looking to find a career in gaming, he’s got just the tips you need to plan your path from developing your own online identity, right through to approaching organizations of interest. 

Want to know what being brand friendly means or how to adapt yourself to the ever changing landscape of video gaming? In this Crash Course, Lachlan shares the lessons he’s learned over years of content creation, including the value of offering a unique point of view, the importance  of keeping your business contact information readily available, and why TikTok is the hottest area of interest right now.

Lachlan crash course joining a gaming org
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An organization might be your end goal right now, but as Lachlan makes clear, it doesn’t have to be. Focus on building your own personal brand first and connections with an org can come later once you’ve got the content they’re likely to value.

The most important tip of all? Read. Your. Contracts. There are a lot of young people getting involved in gaming and hoping to make a future, making it an easy place for your work to be exploited. If you don’t understand something, seek legal advice and, if a minor, ask parents for details too.

That’s all from this Crash Course, but Lachlan’s delivered previous lessons on Fortnite Creative Maps for practice. You can also catch up on the full stream on all his topics here. For all other Crash Course editions, head to our overview page.

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