Deathloop: How to change outfits

Learn how to unlock and get outfits in Deathloop so you can break (or protect) the cycle in style.

No matter what Juliana says, Colt’s jacket is great. But if you were thinking of shaking up your closet, we can teach you how to change outfits in Deathloop. There are several different looks you can take as both Colt and Juliana, but you’ll need to earn them first.

How to change outfits in Deathloop

Deathloop how to change outfits
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You can change outfits in Deathloop by selecting Colt or Juliana from the Loadout menu. When you’re on the screen showing the character surrounded by their weapons, Slabs, and tools, place the cursor over them and press the prompt shown (X on PS5). You’ll then access a menu showing all the available outfits you have access to. Before you can equip any, however, you’ll first need to unlock them.

How to get outfits in Deathloop

How to change outfit in Deathloop
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To get outfits in Deathloop you need to increase your Hunter Rank as Juliana. To start down this path, you need to pick the “Protect the Loop” option from the main menu. In this multiplayer mode you’ll be invading other players’ worlds, aiming to kill their Colt to stop him from breaking the loop.

When you load into Juliana’s mode you’ll be presented with a number of challenges to complete – things like killing Colt without healing or while sliding. Completing these will help you upgrade your Hunter rank and unlock new weapons, Trinkets, and more. Crucially, progressing through your Hunter rank will unlock outfits for both Colt and Juliana.

Deathloop how to get outfits
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If you don’t mind diving into multiplayer, it won’t take too long to unlock outfits when playing as Juliana. Don’t stress too much about whether you’re successful, just dive in and have fun irritating Colt. It’ll help if you’ve played a lot of the main story already, as you’ll have a good idea as to what Colt will be aiming to achieve when he’s entered a given area at a given time.

That’s all we can teach you about how to get and change outfits in Deathloop. Get stuck in with Juliana or stick with Colt and forget about all that fashion stuff. If you’re just getting started in Deathloop, check out our beginner’s tips and tricks guide or head to our hub page for the game to find more.

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