Deathloop: How to save your progress

Learn how to save in Deathloop to avoid an awkward loss of progress.

With Residium at hand, you’ll be saving a lot of gear as you loop through day after day in Deathloop, but what about how to save your game? The time-cycling shooter doesn’t explicitly tell you anything about it, but we can break down how to save in Deathloop to ensure you never lose your progress unless it’s through a bullet or machete to the face.

How to save in Deathloop

There is no manual way to save in Deathloop. That means whatever happens in each loop, you’re going to have to deal with it. That said, the game does have an autosave function that’ll activate at key points. If you want to save in Deathloop, you need to trigger these stages to mark your progress.

Deathloop will autosave whenever you enter the menus screen between each mission or adjust your loadout on these menus. Change any weapons or Trinkets here and the game will save to make sure you start with the same loadout next time. Deathloop will also save whenever you start a level, right as you watch the cutscene and exit the tunnels.

Deathloop how to save game progress
Reach the loadout menu and your game will have been saved. 
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As a result, there’s no way to save during the middle of a level in Deathloop. If you quit the game, it crashes, or your console accidentally loses power, you’ll be reset to the start of that mission. That means if you head out to explore Updaam in the afternoon but quit during the level, you’ll be reset to the start of Updaam, still in the afternoon. You’ll lose any progress you made within that level before you quit.

As a result, if you want to save in Deathloop, you need to return to the tunnels and reach the next time-phase of the loop. Once you’re in the menu that allows you to adjust your loadout or sacrifice and infuse items, you can safely quite once the game has autosaved.

That’s all there is to know about how to save in Deathloop. It might seem a bit frustrating, but the game wants to avoid players constantly reloading at every mistake as they might in Dishonored. Live with your losses and try again in the next loop. For more useful tips check out our beginner’s tips and tricks guide, read up on how to get more Residuum, or check the full Deathloop controls here. For everything else Colt needs, our game hub page will have you covered.

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