No cross-save or cross-play coming to Monster Hunter Rise after all

Monster Hunter Rise and expansion Sunbreak won't get cross-play or cross-save between PC and Switch.

Fans hoping to make the jump to Monster Hunter Rise on PC when it launches ahead of first major expansion Sunbreak next year will have to abandon their Switch save, Capcom confirms.

Capcom failed to say whether cross-save or cross-play between the two platforms would be possible when announcing the new port earlier this year, and after consulting players in surveys about their desire for the feature, have finally come to a conclusion: no, sorry.

It's unclear what makes the increasingly common feature impossible to implement in this case, especially when, as upset fans have pointed out, smaller studios are managing cross-save functionality when they eventually port to other platforms after launch.

If you haven't picked up Monster Hunter Rise on Switch already, the Steam version will launch in January 2022, with Sunbreak following later in the year in Summer. Though if you have friends on Monster Hunter Rise on Switch, you won't be able to play with them on PC. Make your choices wisely.


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