Steam Halloween, autumn, and winter sale dates confirmed

We're (dis)counting down the days.

Valve has confirmed the dates for its Halloween, autumn (fall), and winter sales this year.

Forget Black Friday. If you were planning on picking up any discounted games on PC this year, Valve’s Steam sales are inarguably the best time to crack open that bank vault and grab some of your gold. 

Thanks to an update to the Steamworks documentation page, we now know when in October, November, and December that the sales will be taking place. Here are the dates to keep track of:

Steam Halloween sale dates

The Steam Halloween sale will run from Thursday, October 28 through Monday, November 1. At the time of writing, that’s this coming weekend. The sale will focus on content updates and in-game events which celebrate Halloween.

Steam autumn sale dates

The Steam autumn sale will run from Wednesday, November 24 through Tuesday, November 30. While not quite the blowout affair of the summer and winter sales, the autumn discounts are a decent way to pick up a gift ahead of Christmas. Steam Awards nominations will also be opened up around this date.

Steam winter sale dates

The steam winter sale will run for two weeks from Wednesday, December 22 through Wednesday, January 5. Along with hefty discounts from both indie and AAA publishers, the Steam Awards voting will take place.

Here’s the full lot:

  • Steam Halloween sale: October 28 - November 1
  • Steam autumn sale: November 24 - 30
  • Steam winter sale: December 22 - January 5

Steam sales are a great opportunity to pick up titles from the last few years of gaming at a greatly reduced price. It’s not just full games that are worth looking into, either. If you’ve been looking to purchase DLC for any spooky titles like Dead By Daylight, we’d recommend holding off until the Halloween sale goes live, as it’s likely we’ll see discounts drop for plenty of popular game content this weekend. Which titles are you looking forward to picking up?

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