How to join the Elden Ring Closed Network Test

Find out how to register for the Elden Ring Closed Network Test and when it'll be live in your timezone.

If you want to be one of the first players in the world to try Elden Ring, the next title from Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware, registering for the upcoming Closed Network Test is your best shot. There are only a few days left to register for the Elden Ring closed test, so we’ve put together a quick guide below to get you on the list.

How to join the Elden Ring closed test

Elden Ring closed network test how to join
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To join the Elden Ring closed test you’ll need to register your interest through the Bandai Namco website. Here are the steps required:

  • Head to this page on the Bandai Namco website
  • Click the Log In Or Create An Account button at the bottom
  • Enter your Bandai Namco details or click Create Your Account
  • Select your platform of choice
  • Click the appropriate options under the question provided
  • Choose Yes on receiving email contact for feedback only
  • Click Validate

Follow the steps above and you’ll have registered your interest. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected for the closed test but, if you are, you’ll receive an email in advance from Bandai Namco explaining how to download and take part in the Closed Network Test.

Elden Ring Closed Network Test times and dates

There are five Elden Ring Closed Network Test sessions planned, taking place from November 12-14. The aim is to support play times suitable for all timezones around the world. Check the times below (in CET) to find which one fits your region.

  • Session 1: November 12
    • 12pm - 3pm CET
    • 11am - 2pm GMT
    • 3am - 6am PT
    • 6am - 9am ET
  • Session 2: November 13
    • 4am - 7am CET
    • 3am - 6am GMT
    • 7pm - 10pm PT (Nov 12)
    • 10pm - 1am ET (Nov 12 - 13)
  • Session 3: November 13
    • 8pm - 11pm CET
    • 7pm - 10pm GMT
    • 11am - 2pm PT
    • 2pm - 5pm ET
  • Session 4: November 14
    • 12pm - 3pm CET
    • 11am - 1pm GMT
    • 3am - 6am PT
    • 6am - 9am ET
  • Session 5: November 15
    • 4am - 7am CET
    • 3am - 6am GMT
    • 7pm - 10pm PT (Nov 14)
    • 10pm - 1am ET (Nov 14 - 15)

Now that you’ve registered to join the Elden Ring closed test, all you need to do is wait and hope that you’re lucky enough to be invited. We don't know what's going to be included in the early trial, but a network test indicates multiplayer functionality will be a key part.

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