Pikmin Bloom expeditions: How to send Pikmin on expeditions

Learn how to send Pikmin on expeditions in Pikmin Bloom, along with what items you can expect to get as a reward!

As you amass a following of Pikmin, you'll have the chance to send them on expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. These missions assign members of your squad to the task of gathering fruit, seedlings, and more from nearby. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send Pikmin on expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. The steps to start a Pikmin Bloom expedition are thankfully straightforward, though it is easy to forget what to do. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be reaping a bountiful harvest.

How to start expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

PIkmin Bloom expeditions unlock at level 6. From the main menu of Pikmin Bloom, you can hit the ‘You have expeditions!’ notification when it’s there. If that isn’t visible, follow the steps below to start expeditions and send your Pikmin out to forage:

  • Tap the map on the top half of the main menu screen
  • Shift through the tabs to the right and select ‘expeditions’ when it appears
  • Select the expedition item you want from the choices available
  • Select the Pikmin you want to send on the expedition
Pikmin Bloom expeditions guide
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You can also start expeditions by tapping an item on the map while you’re out walking. This is the best way to get items that aren’t near your home. Expedition items are discovered as you walk around, so you’ll find them closer or further from home depending on how far you travelled.

And that’s all there is to starting expeditions in Pikmin Bloom! Your chosen plant-life pals will head off to collect the item you’ve requested, returning at a later stage with your reward. Once the Pikmin has collected the item and made its way back, you need to whistle to get them to return to your group so you can take it off them

How to start expeditions Pikmin Bloom
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You can send multiple Pikmin on the same expedition, and doing so will return the reward more quickly. Depending on the distance and weight of the item, you may have to send more Pikmin to complete the expedition. Check the requirement listed on the right side when assigning Pikmin to an expedition to see how many are required.

Pikmin Bloom Expeditions how to send pikmin on expeditions
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Different Pikmin colors have different strengths and speeds, so choose your expedition members carefully. Purple Pikmin, for example, can carry much heavier weights, but walk slower. Send them out solo when time isn’t a constraint for you.

Pikmin will grow tired after completing expeditions, meaning you won’t be able to send them out until they’re refreshed again. They’re your friends, not servants!

Pikmin Bloom expedition rewards

Pikmin bloom expedition rewards guide
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When you complete an expedition, your Pikmin will return with any items they’ve collected. Right now, there are to reward types for expeditions:

  • Seedlings
  • Fruit

The former can be planted to grow more Pikmin, while the latter can be converted to nectar which you can use to feed your Pikmin and improve them. Rarer items will be found closer to big flowers on your map. You may also receive a postcard from the Pikmin that complete expeditions. These will show your Pikmin exploring an area of interest near to the expedition location.

That’s all you need to know about how to start expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. Enjoy collecting seedlings and more with your little crew!

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