How to get Coins in Pikmin Bloom

Learn how to get free Coins in Pikmin Bloom what you can spend them on using the in-game shop.

Pikmin Bloom Coins are the game’s premium currency, which means you can pay real-world money to gain more of them. You can also, however, get Coins for free each day by completing certain tasks. Our Pikmin Bloom Coins guide will break down how to get Coins and what you can spend them on.

How to get Coins in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin bloom coins how to get coins
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The base method to get Coins in Pikmin Bloom is to pay using real-world money. You can do this by opening the Shop from the main menu and scrolling down to the Coins section. Here you’re able to spend different amounts of money to gain lump quantities of coins to spend. Oddly in our shop, it’s more efficient to buy the smallest quantity of coins unless you’re planning to spend upwards of $30. 

How to get free Coins

How to get free coins Pikmin Bloom
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You can also get free Coins in Pikmin Bloom by planting flowers while going out on walks. To plant flowers, you’ll need to tap the flower icon on the right side of the screen, then tap the Start button after selecting the petals you want to use. 

While flower laying is active, you’ll leave petals along the path you walk on the map until you press stop or run out of petals. So long as you walk far enough while planting, you’ll get Coins for free once you complete the walk. The rate of free Coins earned is one per 500 flowers planted in any given walk. You can earn a maximum of 30 Coins for free in a day. To reach that limit you’ll have to plant a hefty 15,000 flowers, which is quite a walk!

What to use Coins for

Pikmin Bloom what to use coins for
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Whether you buy or earn Pikmin Bloom Coins, here’s what you can spend them on using the in-game shop.

  • Nectar: 100 Coins
  • Single-Use Slot: 150 Coins
  • Single Use Slot x5: 450 Coins
  • Special Slot: 200 Coins
  • Special Slot x5: 600 Coins
  • White Flower Petals x180: 50 Coins
  • Blue Flower Petals x180: 200 Coins
  • Red Petals x180: 180 Coins
  • Yellow Petals x180: 150 Coins

It’s worth noting that items like Single-Use Slots, Petals, and Nectar will be earned fairly quickly just by playing Pikmin Bloom daily or levelling up. We wouldn’t recommend wasting Coins on these unless you’re really desperate to access more quickly.

That’s all we can teach you about Pikmin Bloom Coins. Now that you know how to get Coins in Pikmin Bloom, you can start venturing out on more regular walks to earn free rewards. If you’re just starting the game, we also have a guide for how to send Pikmin on expeditions. Have a read and start building up a stash of foraged supplies!

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