Netflix allegedly involved in Mega Man movie

Netflix and Capcom seem to be homies now.

Remember when that whole live action Mega Man thing was announced? I barely remember it myself. Developed by the writer/director duo behind flicks such as Catfish and the third and fourth Paranormal Activity movies, Mega Man was thought to be thoroughly trapped in development hell. But today, IGN ran a story suggesting not only is the movie on track, Netflix also seems to be involved as a distributor.

Supermarché, the brand comprising filmmakers Henry Joost and Rel Schulman, are behind the Mega Man film, according to their own website. Also named in a recent update are Netflix and Chernin Entertainment, which seems to have been posted ahead of an official announcement.. IGN’s article also cites unnamed sources as corroborators.

Netflix has been really targeting nerds lately, with all kinds of major anime acquisitions and licensing, well-received adaptations of games like League of Legends,  The Witcher and Castlevania, and of course the recent not so well-received Cowboy Bebop. Netflix also launched its own gaming division, which has started acquiring developers to make exclusive games for Netflix customers.

Mega Man was originally announced in 2018, with Supermarché at the helm. However, 20th Century Fox was the distributor at the time, which clearly didn’t survive the Disney acquisition. We don’t have much information on what transpired between Fox and Netflix, but perhaps that’s exactly why news has been nonexistent for several years.

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