Nintendo Indie World Direct where & when to watch

One final Indie World before the end of 2021.

This morning, Nintendo announced that it would host an Indie World Direct that would last 20 minutes long.

Nintendo hosted a similar Direct on the same day last year, which offered looks at games like Gnosia, Among Us, and even Spleunky coming to the Nintendo Switch. So there is precedent for some really excellent announcements.

Nintendo Directs, even Indie Worlds are always filled with stellar games to check out, so it’s sure to be a good show. Here’s all the information you’ll need on where and when to watch.

When to Watch Time & Date

The presentation is set for December 15, 2021.

Start times

  • PT: 9 am
  • ET: 12 pm
  • GMT: 5 pm
  • CET: 6 pm

Where to Watch Nintendo Indie World Direct

You can watch the Indie World Direct on Youtube, which can be found below.

If you prefer, you can also watch it directly on the Indie World website, which we also have a link for.

We don’t know what will be at the Indie World Direct, but we would love to see updates for games like Sports Story and even Neon White, which were announced as 2021 games and still have not been released. This seems like the last possible time to have any news or release date information before the end of the year.

Do you have any predictions for what could show up on Wednesday? We would love to hear them. Sound off in the comments below with what you hope to see and we can all jump for joy or cry when it’s over together.

Jesse has been in the industry for almost a decade writing about Destiny, FFXIV, and whatever other live-service game he can get his hands on.  


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