Valorant Protocol skins: Visuals and pricing

The Valoran Protocol_781-A skin bundle will bring your gun buddies to life.

If you’re a humanity-hating robot, the Valorant Protocol skins – full title Protocol_781-A – should rest perfectly in your mean-spirited mechanical arms. The new skin line brings sinister blacks and reds to the fore, with expanding animations that unpack the weapons each time you unholster them. We’ve taken a look at all the Valorant Protocol skins, including visuals and pricing, below. Scan the details and you can compute whether they’re worth dropping your Valorant Points on.

Valorant Protocol skins, visuals, and pricing

Valorant protocol skins visuals and pricing bundle
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The Valorant Protocol skins seem tailor made for Kay/O, the game’s robotic Radiant hunter. That, or major fans of the Decepticons in Transformers. Unique aspects for the Protocol skins include upgraded animations which expand the guns as you unholster or inspect them, and the ability for the guns to talk to you as you secure kills.

The Protocol 781-A skin bundle in Valorant includes four guns and one melee weapon. Hereare all the weapons in the Valorant Protocol bundle:

  • Protocol 781-A Sheriff
  • Protocol 781-A Spectre
  • Protocol 781-A Bulldog
  • Protocol 781-A Phantom
  • Protocol Personal Administrative Melee Unit (Knife)

Valorant Protocol skins

The Valorant Protocol skins include five levels of Radianite upgrades, including VFX, animations, finishers, and at level 5, localized voice over that plays with inspections and kills. There are also three alternative color palettes to unlock. Here are the skins we’ve been shown so far.

Protocol 781-A Sheriff

valorant protocol skins sheriff visuals pricing
© Riot

Protocol 781-A Spectre

valorant protocol skins spectre visuals pricing
© Riot

Protocol 781-A Bulldog

Valorant Protocol skins bulldog image
© Riot

Protocol 781-A Phantom

valorant protocol skins phantom visuals pricing
© Riot

Protocol 781-A Knife

valorant protocol skins knife melee visuals pricing
© Riot

Valorant Protocol skins finisher

Valorant Protocol skins finisher robot
© Riot

As teased in the Protocol skin reveal trailer, the finisher summons a holographic robot to execute your final opponent in a hail of Robocop-reminiscent gunfire. Solidarity with your robot brethren – you can’t have all the headshot fun.

Valorant Protocol skin prices

Valorant protocol skins price bundle
© Riot

With unique voice over features and animations, Riot considers the Protocol bundle one of the more valuable skin sets in the game. That means it's a pricier option than the likes of the Radiant Crisis and Celestial bundles. As ever, you'll get a discount if you buy the bundle instead of each item individually. Below you'll find the prices for the bundle and of individual items included.

  • Valorant Protocol skins bundle: 9,900 VP
  • Valorant Protocol skins: 2,475 VP
  • Personal Administrative Melee Unit (knife): 4,950 VP
  • Valorant Protocol 781-A gun buddy: 475 VP
  • Valorant Protocol 781-A card: 375 VP
  • Valorant Protocol 781-A spray: 325 VP

That’s all we know about the Valorant Protocol skins, visuals, and pricing. What do you make of the skin bundle so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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