Genshin Impact Enkanomiya labyrinth solutions

Solve Date's labyrinth puzzles in Genshin Impact's new Enkanomiya area beneath the sea.

If you've been bashing your head against Genshin Impact's Enkanomiya labyrinths since descending into the deep, then worry no more. The somewhat convoluted solutions to the puzzles and mazes of Enkanomiya's story quest for Date (son of Eurydates) are simple enough once you understand what the mechanisms are doing, and even simpler if you just want a quick look at the finished positions of the walls and switches. So here are the solutions to the puzzles and Labyrinths in Enkanomiya.

Enkanomiya labyrinth puzzle solutions

The first labyrinth you'll be testing your wits against is in the very North-East of the map, at the edge of Evernight Temple. Keep climbing your way up and across the broken terrain after visiting the Dainichi Mikoshi and gaining the ability to change Enkanomiya from night to day (or WhiteNight to EverNight if we want to stay on lore). The objective here, as hinted at by the gravestone by three switch mechanisms on a platform overlooking the maze, is to activate the four elemental Hydro switches in each corner of the labyrinth below.

The labyrinth can be viewed from above, but during EverNight when the Hydro switches are spawned, you can't glide through the roof and additional walls appear in the maze. To solve the Evernight Temple labyrinth, you need to switch to daytime using the circular mechanism on the viewing platform and then use the two triangular mechanisms during daylight to rotate the outer and inner walls to resemble the pattern below.

Enkanomiya labyrinth puzzle solution
Just keep hitting those triangular switches to get this pattern to solve the Enkanomiya labyrinth.

The left triangular switch rotates the outer walls, and the right one rotates the inner ones. When you line up the walls like this, switch back to night using the circular mechanism and the gaps in the new blue walls that spawn will line up with the gaps in the solid walls and you can get to all four Hydro switches through the front entrance of the maze. You don't have to go out and into any other entrances. Just remember to bring a Hydro applicator character with you.

Once you've hit all four with water, you can descend into the room below where you'll meet the ghost/shade/hologram of Date, designer of the labyrinth. He gives you a key and tells you there's one other puzzle to solve out there in Enkanomiya before you can get into his secret treasure room down the stairs from him. To find that, head to this area of the Serpent's Heart, to the south of Dainichi Mikoshi, and use the key on the cube switch next to the grate in the floor.

Date’s labyrinth location Enkanomiya genshin impact
Head here to find Date's second puzzle to get his secret treasure.

The second puzzle is a bit easier than the first, and involves switching between night and day again to move walls. A very prominent note above the treasure chest suggests making the room symmetrical. You'll notice there are three movable walls during daytime and at night there are two blue walls that appear as well. The room consists of three rows, with the middle separating each side with iron gates. There are switches on the end pillars of the middle row that open or close the iron gates.

Move those walls to make this pattern and solve Date's second puzzle.

To solve Date's second puzzle, you need to switch to daytime, open the middle gates and use the triangular mechanisms to "pull" all three movable walls towards the right side if you are looking down the hall from the night/day switch. Once they're all on one side, close the closest iron gate to stop that wall from moving anymore. Now to make it symmetrical you just have to pull the other two walls back to the left side of the hallway and close the other iron gate, then pull the middle one (the only one that can move) back to the middle of the hallway. Switch back to night and your symmetrical hallways will please Date's ghost, unlocking the treasure chest. The pattern you are trying to make is in the picture above, taken looking down the hallway from the day/night switch.

Once you have solved the second puzzle and obtained a second Medal of Date's Recognition, head back to the first labyrinth and drop down to visit Date again. You can now head down to the locked door at the bottom of the stairs and use the medals to unlock it. Don't forget to grab the floating Sigil in there as well, you earned it!

That's all you need to know to solve Genshin Impact's Enkanomiya labyrinth puzzles. If you're in need of any more help withGenshin Impact, check out some of our other guides.


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