AGDQ breaks record with $3.4m raised in a week of speedrunning

Donations to Prevent Cancer top last year's $2.8m record to make AGDQ 2022 the most successful yet.

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) finished this weekend with a total of $3.4 million raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The week-long speedrunning marathon set a new record for fundraising after putting $3,416,729 up on the board by the end of the event, which was held remotely for another year in the face of the Omicron coronavirus variant spreading rapidly throughout the US.

This donation total only tallies up the cash pledges made to Prevent Cancer throughout the event, there were another $3 million in Twitch bits, subs and sponsorships raised through the streaming service.

With this year's record-breaking amount raised, GDQ (both Awesome and Summer events) has raised a total of $34 million for charities since the event series began in 2010. Each year has been a record-breaking year as fans pile in the donations for great causes, the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

It helps that the runs each year are somehow even more phenomenal than ever before as well, 2022's AGDQ being a standout for several unbelievable achievements, including a runner beating FromSoftware's Sekiro in two hours while blindfolded. Nothing but audio cues and memorization. A golden god!

You can check out more of the must-see runs at AGDQ 2022 here, but for now we congratulate every runner, commentator, organizer and donator for making this year a record-setting year for charity donations!


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