OlliOlli World controls guide for PlayStation and Xbox controllers

Get your thumbs on the right buttons with this OlliOlli World controls guide.

OlliOlli World is out now and to help you get started we have an OlliOlli World controls guide so you can grind and flip your way through Gnarvana in no time.

If you're thinking about playing Roll7's phenomenal new skateboarding game, you're going to need a controller, even if you're on PC. The unique control setup for OlliOlli World means you need analog sticks for spinning, flipping and sliding through the fast-paced runs. So here are the PS5 and Xbox controller layouts to reference when getting started in OlliOlli World.

Big thanks to Roll7 for putting together these lovely controller layout pics to help us out. Now let's get down to shredding our thumbs to blisters!

OIliOlli World PS5 controls

The layout is the same for the PS4 controller as well, if you're playing with a DualShock 4. If you need help understanding how to chain tricks together for big combos, we'll tell you which order to mash these buttons in.

OlliOlli World Xbox controls

If you're playing on PC with a 360 controller, the OlliOlli World Xbox controls are the same thanks to Microsoft's longstanding controller layouts. Once you know where your thumbs are supposed to be fiddling, you'll be on your way to the big scores in no time.

There are no keyboard controls for OlliOlli World thanks to its unique stick-based tricktionary, so you won't find a keyboard controls layout in here. But you can plug in a controller to your PC if you pick up the game on there. Your thumbs will thank you for it as well, we can't imagine how impossible an Impossible would be to pull off with just the arrow keys.


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